123Series Net Reviews and its Alternative Sites 2022

123Series is a great and wonderful entertainment platform for downloading full TV SERIES movies and programs for all devices. As 123Series contents are being updated on a regular basis. This gives the website the edge of having more latest series than any other mobile site that supports mobile movies download.

123Series is a website that provides free online streaming of TV shows and movies. You can watch new releases, classics, or anything in between without ever having to leave your home.123Series is a free service that can be accessed from any computer with access to the internet and an HTML browser. There is no software or hardware required.

123Series Review 2022

If you are looking for where to download series movies or free series download sites, watch the latest and updated TV Series movies and Movies, and Tv Shows, 123Series will give you the best and complete series of movies and TV programs you can think of alphabetically. 123Series is a free tv series mobile download site where you can download free tv series and Movies and Tv Shows on any mobile device.

123 Series URLs are 123Series.net, 123Series.ru, 123Series.vip. All you need to do is access this website and get access to all its amazing movies. You have to enter the URL on your browser as 123Series.net, and This would take you to the site to download your favorite series.

123Series.net New Features

1.  Users are required to create an account before using the site to download or watch movies online. You can start streaming popular movies on the 123Series without registering. This gives you the ability to explore the site and the app without the need to register.

2. You can enjoy and view the web application experience seamlessly, unlike other download sites.

3. Downloads are well optimized to save your storage device.

4. The site has a google custom search bar that allows you to find the latest, most popular, and selected series and movies.

5. All TV series and movies are of high quality and compatible with all screen resolutions.

6. 123Series.net has an intuitive interface that allows users to download TV programs and movies instantly.

7. A well-arranged TV series is created to guide users to explore the site. If you are a platform client, you can easily download movies and movie seasons to your mobile device.

8. The best alternatives to the 123Series are Fzmovies.net, Toxicwap and O2TVseries.

 9. You can download an unlimited number of TVs.

10. They provide you with different movie formats by importing MP4, HD & 3GP quality. The downloaded video does not contain viruses or malware.

11. The platform’s content is 100% free to download movies and TV series and is compatible with all mobile devices.

12. The 123Series has unique, excellent designs and features that have contributed to its success.

123Series Net | Download TV Series and Movies Free

If this is your first time visiting 123Series, browsing the site should not be a problem for you, the site interface is pretty simple for any user. The site has a search box that you can use to locate any series or Movies (123Series movies) that you wish to download. The site search bar is pretty great because it locates movies and tv shows without having to enter the full name or the name correctly.

If you have been following a series episode by episode, 123Series has you covered because it has an arrangement of the latest seasons and episodes released on its front page.

123Series Net Categories | Movies and Tv Series

There is a list of categories that you’ll see once you land on this website, they are Genres, Country, Movies, TV-Series, Top IMBd, and the Search button.

The page that pops out is the home page of the portal where you see a list of seasonal movies that are being shown on a daily basis with their titles. At the top of the home page of this portal, you would see an option that indicates the categories of movies you can download or watch online

Download TV Series and Movies on 123Series Net

Do you find it difficult to download your favorite 123Series net website? 123Series is designed to be accessed through an internet browser, so there are no downloads or software required. Just go to their https://123Series.net/, and you’ll immediately have access to the entire library of movies and TV shows available for free streaming online or download. You can watch anything on any device with a browser, whether it’s a computer or mobile phone.

How to Download Movies from 123Series.net

1. Open any browser on your device (mobile phone or PC)

2. Follow this link or enter the URL 123Series net on the search bar of the browser you open

3. After a few seconds, you would be directed to the official website.

4. Remember, you can also download the movies directly without you visiting the home page of this portal 123 Series. Just type the name of the movie series you want to download at the front of the URL of this portal. 

5. The next page will display the home of this 123Series with various options. (Like all Tv Series and list all genres). You can actually click on any of the movies or Tv Series which can take you to a page where all movies on this site are uploaded on. Or click on the Genres category where all Tv series and movies are put into categories. Eg Action; under the category of an action movie. 

You will find series like Dominion, Crisis, Legends, Legends of Tomorrow, etc. You can also go to the search bar of this site and search for the movie you want to download.

6. Click on the Tv series or movie you search for to access the downloading page.

7. The next page is the download page of the movie you want to download. Scroll down and click on the season you want if it has more than one season.

8. The next pop-up page shows every episode in the movie. Click on the episode you want to download for you to access the next page.

9. Click on any of the formats you prefer to download which is either HD file or Mp4 file and start downloading.

Remember that if you click on the Mp4 format you will be directed to watch the movie online or right-click on the page and click save to download the Mp4 formats.

123Series Alternative Sites 2022

We have many movie websites on the internet where you can stream and watch movies and TV series for free. how we have 123Series alternative sites where you can also download free movies online. We have Fzmovies.net Waptrick, Tvshows4mobile, O2TVseries, Toxicwap, etc. I want to talk about these sites starting from the very first one, Fzmovies.net.

1. Fzmovies.net

As we all know, Fzmovies.net is a website of his own that deals with music videos, movies, and also tv series. This site has all you need when it comes to music, movies, and tv series download. I didn’t mention or list tv-series among the names of movies up there but that is not an issue because on this site you can also see an option for tv series.

Downloading a movie from this papular site is easy, all you need is access to the website by visiting the URL of the site www.fzmovies.net. It does not cost you much data to download a movie on Toxicwap, all you need is just to access the category of movie you want to download from and follow the steps that come after thereon.

2. Toxicwap

This is another movie site alternative to 123Series that only deals with one-length movies. What I mean to say is that it does not have tv series movies which you can download. The URL of this site is different from that of Fzmovies, if you access the Toxicwap website with .com it will not take you to the site rather it will not show anything but an error.

The URL for Toxicwap is www.toxicwap.com, make sure you enter the URL correctly to access the site. Toxicwap contains Bollywood, Hollywood, and dubbed Hollywood movies, when you visit the site you will see all that I have told you.

3. O2tvseries

This website is another 123Series.net alternative site that is known for tv series movies, arranged in alphabetical order starting from the letter A to Z. The movies on the site are classified into alphabets, they are classified into the letters that begin the name of the movie. O2tvseries is a very nice and cool site for downloading all kinds of tv series movies like Agents of Shield, Siren, Viking, The Game of Thrones, Arrow, Supernatural, The Originals, and more.

The URL to this site is www.o2tvseries.com. Visit the site to download your favorite tv series movies for free without registration.


You can now enjoy your favorite movies and Tv series from this great and amazing website whenever you need them. You don’t need to register or sign in as a user to download any file. It is 100% free for all users.

These are just some of the TV series that you can download or watch online from 123Series for free.

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