Bamboo Fund South Africa – Is It Legit investment or Scam

Bamboo Fund lets its users in South Africa login into their dashboards after signing up. This login requires your username and password. And a lot of the users find it difficult to access their Bamboo Fund while many others do not remember their login credentials. If you are already a user, you will know that you can log in to your account on the official login page. 

For the purpose of guiding you, we have written this post to answer the question as to whether or not Bamboo Fund is legit or a scam including how to register and login to show all the South African users how to manage their investment account and fix the difficulties faced during login. On the other hand, it’s quite easy to open a Bamboo Fund account and log in anytime you want to access your profile page.

Bamboo Fund Review – Legit or a Scam

Bamboo is an Investment platform that grants South Africans access to about 3,000 stocks listed in both South African Stock Exchange and the United States Stock Exchange all through a mobile phone. If you’ve always wanted to buy shares from top companies like Nike, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Tesla, Amazon, etc. all you need to do is download the Bamboo app and read through this article to find out how to use it.

Invest Bamboo is a legit company. They have a partnership with companies that are registered and regulated by the South African Securities and Exchange Commission. Their brokerage partner in the US is duly registered and also a member of the United States Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) which is responsible for ensuring the account of each user up to $500,000. All accounts are held by their partners.

All the US trading accounts on the Bamboo platform are held by DriveWealth LLC, a company that is a regulated member of FINRA/SIPC while all South African trading accounts are held by Lambeth capital, a firm that is regulated by the South African Stock Exchange (NSE), and Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Bamboo has a rating of 4 out of 5 on the Google play store and has also received a large number of positive reviews.

Bamboo Fund South Africa login works through web access, mobile phones, and computers, therefore you can follow all the login procedures both with Android, iOS, or any other operating system, as well as from computers with Windows, Linux, or macOS from the browser that you prefer.

Meanwhile, before you follow this guide to access your account on Bamboo Fund make sure you have a smartphone, laptop, tablet, PC, or any other device that allows you to access the internet, and with a good web browser like chrome and an internet connection. 

The only thing you need to access your account is the username and password you created during registration. You can also reset and recover your password. Using the forgot password button.

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Note that you’ll be able to log in if you have opened the account. This is to say that you will be able to access the page successfully if you have an active Bamboo Fund South African account,  you can access the account with your username and password, but if you don’t have the account, below is how to sign up, log in, change, and reset your forgotten password.

Bamboo Investment South Africa Sign Up

  1. Go to the Bamboo Fund official website.
  2. Fill in your details in the registration form including email address and password).
  3. Tap the Sign Up icon below.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the registration.

Remember that after signing up you have to verify your email. If you fail to verify your email, during registration you will not have access to Bamboo Fund. Check your email, you will receive a verification email. Open it and click on the link in the email.

Bamboo Fund Login South Africa 

Once you create a South Africa Bamboo Fund account you will be provided with a unique username and password to access your account. let’s begin the login process:

  1. Go to the Bamboo Fund login page.
  2. Click the Login button on the homepage.
  3. Enter your  Username, (email or phone number).
  4. Enter your password. make sure it’s correct.
  5. Click Log in on the successful validation by Bamboo Fund you’ll be redirected to your account dashboard.

Bamboo Fund Login Error

There can be different scenarios when logging into your account seems impossible. Check if you’re still logged in or find out the causes of the login problem below.

  1. Your password is correct but you aren’t sure about your username. 
  2. You remember your username but the password seems incorrect.
  3. When you have enabled two-step verification and there is a problem with it.
  4. You may not be using the correct site or way to login into your Bamboo Fund.

If you try to enter the wrong password into the login page too many times in a row, it will briefly lock your account. You may have to wait a few minutes to try logging in with the correct password again. People who cannot remember their login password have the option of resetting it. All you have to do is click on the “Forgot your password?” link on the Bamboo Fund login page. 

Once you enter your email address, Bamboo Fund will email you a method of changing your password. The Troubleshooting Section of the Bamboo Fund Help Center can provide some helpful tips if you are still having difficulty logging in to your profile account.


Bamboo Fund allows you to access your profile dashboard if you have an account with them, and upon your successful sign up you can log in with the username and password you created during your account sign up. More also, If you forget your password you can reset it and regain access to the account. 

Therefore, if you have any difficulty with managing your Bamboo Fund account, you can use the above steps to access the account, reset or fix the login problem. 

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