The Best Free Games With No Ads

Mobile gaming is incredibly popular nowadays, but those pesky ads can sometimes ruin the fun. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back with a bunch of ad-free mobile games that will keep you fully immersed and focused!

What’s great about these free games with no ads is that they provide a seamless experience with no interruptions to break your flow. So, whether you’re relaxing during your commute or diving into a gaming marathon, these gems cater to all types of players. From thrilling adventures to mind-boggling puzzles, there’s something for everyone.

Say goodbye to annoying ads and welcome endless entertainment! In this post, we’ve selected the best games with no ads available on both Google Play Store and Apple Store. Let’s dive right in and enjoy uninterrupted gaming fun!

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Check out this list of the best ad-free games for Android and iOS! Developers are now focusing on our happiness by removing ads. This means you can fully concentrate on conquering levels and achieving greatness in these games. Players all around the world have fallen in love with these ad-free mobile games, and it’s easy to see why!”

Free Games With No Ads

1. PBS KIDS Games

If you have a kid who enjoys playing games on an iPhone or Android device, consider downloading PBS KIDS Games. Getting games for kids can be tricky. Some may be fun and educational, but they have ads or popups that aren’t suitable for children. Plus, you might worry about unexpected charges from in-app purchases.

But with PBS KIDS Games, you can put those worries to rest. It’s a free app with no popups or in-app purchases. There are over 100 games featuring beloved characters like Curious George and Daniel Tiger, sure to entertain your kids. Each game requires additional download space, but they are all ad and popup-free. Enjoy stress-free gaming with PBS KIDS Games!

2. Pokémon UNITE

Pokémon UNITE is an exciting and fresh approach to the beloved franchise, bringing the fun of multiplayer online battle arenas (MOBAs) to the Pokémon world. Instead of going on a solo adventure to catch Pokémon, UNITE lets you team up with friends in groups of five. Together, you forge alliances and plan strategies to take on another team of five in epic battles.

What sets this game apart is the wide selection of Pokémon you can choose from, each having its own unique moves and abilities. And don’t worry, it’s not your typical turn-based combat; this time, it’s fast-paced and action-packed 5v5 free-for-all, making the chaos even more thrilling and exhilarating. Get ready to embark on this exciting Pokémon UNITE journey!


Looking for a smooth puzzle experience? Check out the minimalist puzzle game, ULTRAFLOW! Though the graphics are simple, the gameplay can be quite challenging.

The goal is to get the numbered ball to the larger circle with a limited number of bounces, shown on the smaller circle. If you use all the bounces without reaching the destination, the ball explodes.

The game is timer and restriction-free, allowing you to play at your own pace. Restarting a level is as simple as tapping twice on the screen. With 99 levels, ULTRAFLOW will keep you busy for a while.

And if that’s not enough, there’s ULTRAFLOW 2, offering an extra 180 levels, all completely free. Enjoy this ad-free Android game!

4. Ninja Arashi

Ninja Arashi is a fantastic side-scrolling action game that offers a ton of content without any cost. The game’s captivating story pulls you right into the heart of the action, where tragedy strikes when your character’s wife is brutally murdered, and your son is taken away.

Driven by determination and love, you set out on an exciting journey through different levels, skillfully defeating enemies and finding hidden treasures, all to save your son and seek justice for those who wronged you. This game is undoubtedly one of the best ad-free games available for download and play on your smartphone.

5. Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is an engaging RPG that immerses players in a captivating world with a vast array of characters, dungeons, thrilling boss battles, and exciting discoveries. The best part is, you can enjoy the game completely free, without any intrusive ads, making it a delightful experience without upfront costs.

However, it’s essential to mention that Genshin Impact uses a gacha system, common in many mobile games, which includes a pay-to-play aspect. Some players may feel uncertain about this, but it’s crucial to know that everything available for purchase with real money in the game can also be earned through gameplay. So, you can still enjoy the game without spending any money if you prefer.

6. GameStart Pixel Battle

Looking for a good retro fix without turning your Android into a retro gaming hub? GameStart Pixel Battle is the perfect ad-free mobile game to download. This excellent choice offers old-school side-scrolling platformer fun, complete with amazing 16-bit graphics. The chiptune soundtrack filled with 80s and 90s nostalgia tops off the experience.

Take control of gamer girl Alyse and help her uncover what’s sabotaging games, making them impossible to play. After all, crazy difficult games aren’t fun for anyone.

GameStart Pixel Battle challenges you with side-scrolling platformer action, facing increasingly difficult foes. Watch out for cameos from popular pro gamers and unlock more playable characters, each with unique abilities. Enjoy the retro fun with GameStart Pixel Battle!

7. Rocket League Sideswipe

Rocket League, with its thrilling soccer-meets-rocket-cars gameplay, truly captivates players! While a full mobile version may not be available, don’t worry! There’s a delightful alternative called Rocket League Sideswipe that captures the essence of the beloved game. It may be in 2D, but it doesn’t compromise on the core mechanics we all love.

In Rocket League Sideswipe, you can joyfully drive and skillfully shoot your way to the goal, experiencing the same excitement of scoring and fiercely defending against the opposing team. Plus, it’s one of the best ad-free mobile games, and the best part is, there are no in-app purchases! Enjoy the fun without any interruptions or additional costs!

8. Pocket Planes

Pocket Planes is an exciting and unique game that goes beyond typical flight simulators. Instead, it’s an airline simulator where you can run your own airline empire! Fill your planes with eager passengers and valuable cargo while earning coins to expand your influence by acquiring airports in 250 different cities worldwide.

As you advance, you’ll discover a collection of new aeroplanes, each with unique characteristics, creating a diverse and impressive fleet. Customize your planes with your favourite colours and dress up your pilots in stylish uniforms! It’s like being a real airline tycoon, making decisions and having fun telling your employees what to wear. Enjoy the thrill of running your airline with Pocket Planes!

9. Mekorama

Mekorama is an incredible puzzle game that truly captivates players with the thrilling journey of a lost robot. In this enchanting digital realm, you become a guide, responsible for steering the robot (or sometimes multiple robots) through intricately designed levels.

The charm lies in the artful manipulation of the virtual world, where you have the power to twist and turn it, unveiling hidden paths and discovering clever actions to progress through the challenges. As one of the best ad-free mobile games, Mekorama is entirely free to enjoy, making it accessible to anyone with a passion for mind-bending puzzles and captivating gameplay. Get ready to be immersed in this mesmerizing adventure!

10. PewPew

Love Geometry Wars but are not willing to pay a premium? PewPew offers multidirectional shoot-em-up action for free! The graphics may be basic, but the bright neon shape outlines against a black background create an appealing visual. PewPew runs at a high frame rate and boasts five exciting game modes: Pandemonium, Dodge This, Assault, Chromatic Conflict, and Asteroids.

In Pandemonium, enemies go wild upon death, causing chaos. Dodge This challenges you to collect boxes while avoiding enemies. Assault is reminiscent of classic Geometry Wars, with waves of enemies to fight. Chromatic Conflict requires you to kill matching coloured enemies, testing your observation and patience. And there’s Asteroids, similar to the classic game you know.

Plus, PewPew offers unlockable playable ships and leaderboards to climb. With no strings attached, it’s incredible how this game is entirely free!

11. Flop Rocket

Flop Rocket is an engaging game that puts you right in the middle of the action, piloting a test rocket within a treacherous cave. The challenge of controlling the rocket with one finger for thrust and another for direction adds a whole new level of difficulty that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Admittedly, at first, it can be quite frustrating as you encounter explosions and deaths. But that’s where the real magic lies – the learning curve is just perfect. Before you know it, you’ll master the controls enough to start collecting precious coins. And those coins are like the key to unlock a whole world of possibilities! Get ready to be thrilled and have a blast with Flop Rocket!

12. Simon Tatham’s Puzzles

This game features 39 puzzle games (38 for iOS) that are open-source, ad-free, and completely free to play. You can read the description of each puzzle to understand them better.

Every puzzle presents a unique challenge, and it may take some time to solve them. If you’re looking to test your brain and pass the time, this game is definitely worth a try. Enjoy a variety of engaging puzzles and have fun!