10 Best Video Downloaders For VK HD Quality

VK video downloader refer to the tools that allows to save VK videos for ofline viewing. VK (Also known as VKontakte) is a popular social networking platform in Russia and some other countries. VK is similar to other social media platforms, but it has a strong focus on media sharing, including photos and videos.

You can upload and share videos with your friends, and followers, or make them public for anyone to view. The platform allows you to create personal or community pages where you can post and organize your videos. VK videos can be of various types, such as personal vlogs, music videos, movie clips, funny clips, educational content, and more. Learn more How VKontakte Social Network Works

To watch VK videos, you can access the VK website or use the VK app on your mobile devices. However, there are tools and websites available that allow you to download VK videos for offline viewing. In this post, we’ll list the 10 best VK video downloaders.

1. SaveFrom.net

If you have been downloading videos from other platforms with no support for download such as YouTube for a while now, there is a high chance you have already heard about the SaveFrom tool. This tool is actually one of the foremost tools that championed the method of downloading videos from YouTube. It does have one of the best support for VK.

You can use this tool to download videos or just the song/audio from VK. While the main tool is available online, it also does have support for an Android app which makes it more convenient and easy for Android users. If you will like to download a video to your PC, there is also a browser extension that makes the process one click.

2. VKDownload.one

VKDownload.one will help you download videos from VK if you can provide the URL to the video. It is that easy to use. All you need is to access it from any device of your choice provided the device has a modern browser with Javascript enabled. VKDownload.one will download the video in HD quality without any of the details of the video missing out.

Also important is the fact that videos downloaded with the VKDownload.one tool from VK does not come with a watermark. VKDownload.one has recently developed an Android app to augment and serve Android users.

3. Vk video downloader

From the name of this app, you can tell that it is a tool for saving VK videos, and a look at the website confirms it. In fact, it is one of the best tools you can ever use to download VK videos.

With this tool, you can download VK videos regardless of if the uploader wants you to download them or not — even VK cannot stop you from downloading them provided VK video downloader can access them. Also important is the fact that the video comes with no VK watermark which makes it quite competitive.

Vk video downloader does not have an installable application. However, it does have support for progressive apps. The procedure for its usage is different depending on your operating system (Android or iOS). You can visit the page for instruction on how to use it.

4. Keepvid

Keepvid is another option for you if you want to download a VK video. With this tool, you have the option of downloading a video with no stress. There is also the option of downloading only the audio of a video which also comes in handy for quite some time.

Keepvid and free and does not come with any price tag. It also does not limit you to the number of videos you can download in a day — you can download as many videos as you want. This, you will do without installing any software as the tool is available as a web-based tool accessible using any browser of your choice.

5. PasteDownload

PasteDownload is one of the websites available online that you can use to download VK videos easily.  The website is easy to use and user-friendly and even a beginner-level user of the Internet can make use of it provided he knows what he is doing.

All you need to do is copy the link of the video you want to download and paste it into the input field provided and then choose the format you want the video downloaded in and you are good to go.

Aside from downloading the videos in MP4 format, you can also download them in MP3 format if what you are interested in is the audio of the video which makes it a good fit conversation.


STEPTODOWN is one of the best VK Downloaders that helps to get all your favourite videos and music from VK in high quality without any limits.

You can download VK videos easily in MP4, M4A, MOV, 3GP, etc., with resolutions up to 8K. With STEPTODOWN, you can download as many videos as possible without any limits. All you need to do is just paste in the URL of the video you want to download and click the download button. You can even download multiple videos simultaneously.

7. Downloadvideosfrom

Downloadvideosfrom is a software tool that helps you to download VK videos and reels in multiple audio and video formats. Downloadvideosfrom is one of the best VK video downloaders as, It has a built-in video converter to quickly and easily convert videos or reels into MP3, MP4, 4K, and HD MP4 formats. 

It also allows you to convert videos into MP3 audio format. It also has a Cutter tool that makes it easy to get a part of a video for VK, and other short video sharing. You only need to set the start and end times of the video.

8. Save VK

Save VK is a VK video downloader tool for downloading free videos from your favourite social media sites. It allows you to download videos from VK, Dailymotion, Facebook, VK, and 1000+ more. 

This downloader is now becoming a new craze among people who want to download all the videos from the official VK app because it pursues high-quality output, which gives fantastic offline video playback. The web browser built into Save VK makes it easy to find and download VK videos from video/audio-sharing sites.

9. GiveFastLink

Another option out there that you can make use of is the GiveFastLink service. Forget the fact that it has the term VK in full in its name, it is not affiliated to VK in any way. This tool is also available as a web-based tool which makes it perfect for use on most devices.

Interestingly, the service also provides an Android app that you can download from the Google Play Store and install on your Android device to make it even easier for you to download VK videos.

Aside from being able to save VK videos, the tool also has got support for retrieving and downloading music from VK videos. If you are using an iPhone or iPad, you will need to use the Documents.

10. Savethevideo.net

The last online solution to download VK videos is Savethevideo.net. The site allows you to save any VK video for watching offline. And you can save VK videos in MP3 format if you want to download music videos. Besides, it also offers a convenient extension – SaveFrom.net helper.

How to Download VK Videos Using Savethevideo.net?

  • Open Savethevideo.net and enter the video URL.
  • Wait a moment, and then the tool will analyze the link and fetch the video.
  • Choose your preferred video quality and click Download.

How to Download a Video From VK The Downloaders

To download VK videos using Downloader tools, follow these simple steps:

  • Go to any of the sites and and paste the video link into the search box.
  • Click the “Download” button or press Enter on your computer.
  • Choose your preferred video quality from the options provided and click on it to initiate the video download instantly.

How to Save a Video from VK to Your Phone?

To start downloading a VK video, first, open VK.com and select the video you wish to download. Once the video starts playing, click on the Video DownloadHelper icon located at the top right corner of the play interface. A list of available formats will appear. Simply choose the format you prefer, and the download process will begin smoothly.

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