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Bitmoji Classroom is designed to help teachers and students to communicate and collaborate, manage assignments paperless and stay organized online. There are two main types of accounts on Bitmoji Classroom, they are Teacher’s and student’s accounts. Here you’ll learn how to login Bitmoji Classroom for students, but before we continue, these are the features of this learning platform.

  1. Easy to use and accessible from all devices.
  2. Bitmoji Classroom is user-friendly.
  3. Your documents are saved online.
  4. Speeds up the assignment process.
  5. You have the ability to go paperless and stop worrying about printing, handing out, or even losing your learners’ work.

As a Bitmoji Classroom student, you can complete online class activities at home and post student work by using Bitmoji Classroom App. If you are a computer user you can login as a student from the website. while as a parent you can use the parent app to view your child’s work and announcements sent by the teacher. However, parent accounts cannot respond to activities or post directly to a student journal.

The Bitmoji Classroom mobile app also lets you view your assignments and submit work from the app and take pictures of your work and submit the images.

Bitmoji Classroom students using a tablet or phone devices for home learning will need to download the App onto their device. Bitmoji Classroom app is available on the Google Play Store and App Store. This is where you’ll download the latest version of the app for free.

Bitmoji Classroom Login for Students with Code

  1. Collect student code from  your teacher
  2. Go to the Bitmoji Classroom app and select ‘I am a student’.
  3. Enter the code your teacher gave you or scan the individualized QR code.

The Bitmoji Classroom login code is designed for students that are members of classrooms with shared devices. No usernames/passwords are required. Students login to their accounts using the QR Class Code or Text Class Code.

Bitmoji Classroom Login with Email

  1. Visit with your browser or open the app on your phone.
  2. After the page opens, select ‘I am a student’
  3. Enter the email address that you used to sign up for the account
  4. Type in your password and click ‘Login’

If you can’t login to your Bitmoji student account with email you can login with your home learning code. The Bitmoji home learning codes allow students to access Bitmoji class, view their journals, add posts, complete assignments, and receive class announcements from their teachers.

I forgot my Bitmoji password! If you changed the password and now don’t remember it and can’t log in, inform your teacher and they will request it to be reset.

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