Can You Order From Shopee in the US?

Yes, you can order from Shopee in the US. at low prices. With the numerous promotions, Shopee helps you get the most savings, and shop with peace of mind on their website.

You just need to set the place where you want to ship your goods to the United States on the top of the Shopee main page and pick the category of products you need. Then, in the “Ship from” field, you should choose “United States”

Everyone is not free to buy from Shopee, there are limited places that are required to shop on its different marketplaces. Shopee is available to local users in various markets across Southeast Asia, Taiwan, Europe, and Latin America. If the website is in a different language you can put Shopee in English.

“You can buy from Shopee platforms of other countries (e.g. Shopee SG, Shopee MY, Shopee ID, etc.), but these purchases can only be delivered to local addresses in the same country. For example, products purchased via Singapore’s Shopee platforms (App or Website) can only be delivered to local addresses in Singapore”

In terms of quantity, there is no limit on either end. That means any individuals and businesses from these regions can buy goods in small and large quantities of their choice on the website.

To order from Shopee, just log into your account at, find some items that you want to buy and add them to your shopping cart, check out by selecting your shipping and payment options, track your Shopee delivery, and then confirm that your order made it to you when it arrives.

How Long Does Shopee Take to Deliver to USA?

Packages that are sent with Shopee Standard Shipping usually take 15 to 30 working days, whereas Shopee Premium Shipping will provide an estimated delivery time of 8 to 9 working days.