How to Change Yubo Username

How to Change Yubo Username

As at the time of writing this article, Yubo stated that you cannot change your name that you should be careful when choosing your username. You can always give it a trial to know if it works. In other social media, you can change your name from the Settings section of the website or mobile … Read more

How to Transfer Data on Telkom 2022

How to Transfer Data on Telkom

Telkom data transfer service allows all Telkom clients to transfer their data balance to friends and other devices. The procedure may seem to be a challenging task at first. Nonetheless, by following simple guidelines, you can share your data with friends, family, or your other gadgets supporting the Internet in just a few minutes. Having … Read more

How to Do Sim Swap on Telkom Without Calling

How to Do Sim Swap on Telkom

Learning how to do SIM Swap with Telkom telecommunication is pretty easy and this is because Telkom is one of South Africa’s largest leading telecommunications service providers. If your SIM card gets stolen, damaged, or lost, connecting back with this service provider is very easy. For a stolen or lost SIM, you should contact their … Read more