5 Causes of GMX Login Problems & Their Quick Solutions

GMX Login Problems

GMX login problems are common occurrence among the GMX users. When you have error accessing your account it means that something needs to be fixed right. It could be that your username or password is not correct, cache issue, technical error or that the account has been hacked. All these problems can prevent one from login into a GMX email address. The worst is when the account is hacked and the password changed. This mostly happen when someone has your password or that you logged in with a public device.

Rather than creating a new GMX email and losing documents and other important information why not try to identify the cause of these issues and possibly resolve them. All the GMX login problems have solution. Let’s discuss some of the most common causes and their quick solutions.

gmx login problems
gmx technical error

The Causes of GMX Login Problems & Their Solution

The following are reasons you have GMX login problems




  1. Incorrect GMX Username and Password

This is the most common cause of GMX Login problems, the email services provider is security conscious and does its best to ensure that any account with it is protected, therefore, any user who fails to use the correct ID cannot be allowed to check in the inbox. Remembering your ID is very important as it does not only give you access to your email account but you can also use it to change the email password anytime. If you can’t recall your password, it is recommended that you reset the password

2. Poor Internet Service

When you are looking for the causes of GMX Login problems internet connection is one of the things to check and make sure it is sufficient to allow Sign in to your account. How do you know when you have poor internet connection? Well, this is simple, the loading speed of the website will be very slow. Sometimes it will take more than 5 minutes to load a page, and in some cases the loaded page may not have the complete information. I have had this kind of GMX Login problem severally and what I usually do to solve it when I am using my mobile hotspots is to switch off the connection and after few minutes reconnect it back. If you are using public Wi-Fi, you can either wait for the network to come up or contact the service provider.

3. GMX Login Problem When the Server is Down

Where your GMX email server is down, despite your efforts, you can’t login to your GMX account. Check the server status in your area and check whether other users are having the same problem with their account. If there is no server issue, then the problem may be occasioned by other reasons. GMX Server Down, It will be painful but you have to wait for the Server to come up before you login again.

4. Virus and Spam

Virus and Spam may be another reasons you can’t access your GMX account. First thing you need to check here is the expiring date of your Antivirus if you have any in your device. Secondly, examine whether the Antivirus is really doing its work. Once these are in Place then the problem is not caused by virus and Spam but if you find any error, you will need to uninstall and re-install a new Antivirus.

5. Error in your Web Browser Settings

This is another area which I have fallen a victim of GMX login problems. I mistakenly checked a feature that will prevent me from accessing any website on my FireFox browser, there is nothing I could not do to fix the problem but it was all futile. The only thing that helped me was that I have Google Chrome on my device. So I used it and successfully logged into my GMX account.

What you will do to fix this problem is to restore the default settings of the browser you are using, after doing this, try to login again. If the issue persist then clear the browser cache, delete the temp file on the browser or you can update the browser.

We talked about resetting GMX password, let’s look at how you can change password on your GMX email account. There are two ways to create a new password; resetting and changing the password. When you want create a new password by changing you must know the old password. While when you resetting it, you must have added a recovery number or email address during registration.

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How to Reset GMX Email Password

  1. Visit the GMX Email password recovery page by clicking on Can’t access my account? link. This will take you will to the GMX password recovery assistant page
  2. On the GMX Assistant page, click on the link which reads “I cannot log in to my account”. This will take you to another page where you will be provided with the possible reasons preventing you from login on to the GMX email.
  3. Look at the reasons stated carefully and click on the one related to your email problem. If you did not find any reason move down the page and click on “Reset my password
  4. In the next page you will see password recovery link, click on it and fill the following information

GMX Login Problems

      • Enter your name
      • Enter your GMX email address
      • Fill in your Contact email address
      • Select “Password” from the drop-down menu.
      • Write on the message box what you want GMX Contact team to do for you.
      • Write the version of the browser with which you use to login the account
      • Select how you usually login the email
      • Tell GMX contact team when you last logged in successfully.
      • After providing the above information click on Send link below the page.

5. You have to wait for the Contact team to reply your message and give you feedback on how to complete the password recovery process.

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Steps to Change GMX password

GMX Login Problems

  1. Login to the GMX email you want change the password and click on Home
  2. You will directed to another page, click on, My Account.
  3. Then, on the left side, click on Security Options
  4. Below Password click on Change password to take you to where you will change the password
  5. On the box enter your current password.
  6. Enter the new password in the two boxes below
  7. Then confirm the new password by clicking Save changes.

You have successfully changed your password. You can login with the new password.

If need help from GMX Mail Customer Service you can fill the Contact Us form on GMX website, and the representative will help you out.