How to Check Any Subscriptions on Vodacom

Here is how to check your active subscriptions on Vodacom. A Lot of us have been complaining that Vodacom normally reduces their airtime in one way or the other. That they normally deduct their money and sometimes the deductions are on daily bases while sometimes weekly and other times monthly.

One thing is certain if you have been witnessing such deductions on your Vodacom SIM and it is simply because you have either subscribed to one of Vodacom Services either knowingly or unknowingly.

Vodacom Subscription

The unknowing subscriptions mostly happen when after knowingly subscribing to one of their Valued Added Services without opting out thereafter.

This is because most of their Services are based on auto renewal and most time people do forget to opt out after subscribing when you have exhausted the value of the service, the service still remains active without you knowing, and hence those deductions you often witness.

Examples of such services are news, weather, and jokes that come from WASP services that you normally subscribe to, and after the first time free subscription, most of you usually fail to unsubscribe from it, and definitely anytime you recharge your Vodacom line again, Vodacom deducts your airtime by renewing it automatically.

This has been an issue for many users for a long now and people are often angry whenever they witness such deductions on their Vodacom line, especially when they cannot remember seeing themselves subscribe to any of those Vodacom services.

There will be no need to worry again as we are going to be showing you how to check or view all your active Vodacom subscriptions all in one play by yourself.

How to Check Your Subscriptions on Vodacom

To check or see active Vodacom subscriptions on your Vodacom line, after which

1. Simply grab your phone with your VodacomSIM inside and dial the code*135*997#.

2.  you should reply with 1.

3.  You will then see all your active Vodacom subscriptions.

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