Clash of Clans Login with Facebook

Facebook is a popular social networking website where one can connect and meet new people around the world. Due to the popularity of Facebook other platforms now include the option that allows you to login with Facebook. One of such platforms is Clash of Clans. Here you’ll learn Clash of Clans login with Facebook.

Clash of Clansallows its users to log in to accounts with Facebook credentials. It is the best and simplest means to access your account online. We do recommend that if in any app or on any website you have the option to Login with Facebook, then you should use it. This is because it can be a hard task to remember all your passwords but make sure it’s a website you trust.

Clash of Clans login with Facebook as one of the alternative methods to log into your account, it is mandatory to have an active Facebook account, otherwise, you will not be able to log in to the account with Facebook. You also need to make sure that your Facebook account is active.

Logging in to your online account with Facebook saves your time as it imports all the necessary information like name, date of birth, and so on from your social media account. Now see how to login into your account with Facebook: If you want to learn Clash of Clans login with Facebook account. These are the steps:

Clash of Clans Login with Facebook

  1. Open Clash of Clans on your Mobile.
  2. Then select “Sign in” located on the screen of your phone. You’ll see “Already have an account”
  3. Then select “Continue with Facebook”.
  4. It will open the Facebook Homepage.
  5. Enter your Facebook login details and select “Login”.
  6. Clash of Clans will ask you for permission to access your Facebook account personal information.
  7.  Tap on Allow

From there you’ll be redirected to your Clash of Clans profile account page.