How to Delete Driver’s License From KuCoin Account

You can delete your Driver’s License from KuCoin by contacting the customer service agents via KuCoin Support. Tell them you want to remove your information from their database. 

You can also use KuCoin Help Center to delete your Driver’s License: Simply enter “How to delete Identity Verification” on the page and open the link provided in the Frequently Asked Question section.

What Happens to Your Driver’s License/ID after You Send It To KuCoin? 

After you send a copy of your Driver’s License/ID to KuCoin for verification, it’ll be encrypted and stored securely. Your ID won’t be visible on your profile, or to other traders on KuCoin.

KuCoin uses both manual review and automated sys. They may also partner with trusted service providers to confirm your identity. 

This verification helps detect and prevent risks such as impersonation or ID theft keeping your crypto safe.

KuCoin may securely store your ID for as long as you use their exchange platform just to o help improve their systems for detecting fake IDs and related fake transactions.

If you’re uploading an ID to get authorized to make some level of payment KuCoin may store your name, date of birth, or ID expiry date. This is for legal reasons and to help keep users safe.

It is recommended that When you take a photo of your Driver’s License/ID, the photo might be stored on your device. For security reasons, it’s often better to delete this photo from your device’s photo gallery after you’ve completed the ID verification

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