How to Delete a Local Content on Amazon Plex App

You can delete content including local from your Amazon Plex App to free up space and keep your device running quickly and smoothly.

Suppose that you finish watching movie or you decide you no longer want to watch movies you downloaded to your Plex App. You can remove the movies from the app.

Any content you delete is still available in your Amazon Cloud account, and you can easily reload that content again if you decide you need it. You also can delete content from your Amazon Cloud account.

You can delete local content on Amazon Plex App if the ability to delete media is enabled for your Plex Media Server. This option is located under Settings > Server > Library of the app.

In Plex Web App you can find the ability in the top action bar on the item details page.

Note: Deleting content with a Plex app this way deletes it from your library and will also remove the corresponding media file.

The deleted content will be in your operating system’s Recycle Bin or Trash, but it could immediately and permanently delete the item from your disk.

How to Delete Downloads From the Plex app?

From the Items view, go to Download from right to left to delete it. If the Download is still in progress, it will cancel that Download immediately.

Plex Remove From Library Without Deleting

One of the ways to do this is to copy the TV Show to a temporary folder, then delete it via plex UI. Run empty trash. Once deleted copy it back and import it again to the formal folder.

Plex Remove from Playlist” does not appear to be found on the Windows ET client, it is only on the host computer with the server – you can disable “Allow Media Deletions” in the server settings.

Warning: If you share your server with other people, make sure they have their own user account with the “AMD” settings disabled, else they will be able to delete your media from the library.

Where to Find Your Content on Plex App

Your contents by default are organized in different folders: D:/Media/Movies and D:/Media/TV. Add D:/Media/Movies to the Movie Library only, and D:/Media/TV to the Shows Library only.

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