Facebook Ads Library: All the Uses Of FB Library You Don’t Know

Facebook Ads Library

Facebook Ads Library: With billions of active users, Facebook can be a great advertising tool for brands. In addition to the standard sharing post on your feed, which is for catching up the moment, Facebook offers a plethora of advertising options for business owners.

The Facebook Ads Library is Media Studio’s home page, where you can see the transparency of a Facebook page, search for a political campaign, scroll through your media library, search content, filter (by file type), upload new media, edit metadata, review analytics, and much more. Here you will be able to see all your videos, GIFs, and image assets that you’ve shared from your Facebook account.

With Facebook, Ads Library was launched in November 2018 to ensure transparency With Facebook Ads library you can now see all active ads about anything, as well as inactive political and issue ads.

The Facebook Ad Library was known as “Info and Ads”. The ads library gives you even more insight into the targeted campaign your competitors are running. It also gives marketers a strong medium for gaining dominance online

It gives information about a Facebook page creation dates, mergers with other Pages, Page name changes and where a Page is managed from, and the option to report an ad for policy violations. These are all visible on a new Page Transparency tab on all Pages.

Users can search political and issue ads by keyword or other ads by Page name, and Facebook will help with getting faster results by auto-filling suggestions and previous searches.

The improved Facebook Ads Library could allow researchers, government investigators, journalists, or anyone to play watchdog to ensure ads aren’t being misused to spread misinformation, suppress voting, or commit any crime.

It may also interest you to know that Facebook Ads are like posts you usually share on your feed, except they’re paid for by advertisers attempting to increase their Facebook reach and/or engagement. Such sponsored posts are referred to as such because they are to attract a targeted goal, they can be liked, commented on, and shared.

With Facebook Ads Manager, advertisers can place their best content in front of their targeted audience at the brand’s preferred time. For ad placement, advertisers pay for their sponsored posts to display in several different locations on Facebook even on Instagram.

In conclusion, the Facebook Ads library was Launched in a bid to ensure transparency, the safety of Facebook users, and Security around the world.