Facebook Campus: Meet, Learn Together and Chat Your School mate

Facebook Campus

Facebook relaunches its Facebook Campus, it is part of the Facebook app basically created for college students. The Facebook Campus is a place where students can interact only with friends at the same school. It is designed in a way that they can access a Campus-only News Feed and join Groups, events, and group chat rooms, and the happenings in the campus.

Requirements for Accessing Facebook Campus

  • Any students who want to access the Facebook campus of his her institutions must supply his or her .edu email or address as well as their graduation year. Students upon providing these details can create a new profile mainly for the Facebook Campus.
  • The student’s initial Facebook profile will be connected to the campus profile section

As a registered student in the campus section, you have the option to add or remove your classes, hometown, dorm, and minor.

However, the more information you add to your profile the more you’ll be able to find your classmates with commonalities. The information you added to your Facebook Campus account gives Facebook more data about what what you are studying and who you’re talking to.

Is it said that Facebook opted for a separate profile because students might not want to share hyper-specific college information on their public profile.

Countries Where Facebook Campus Is Currently Available

Currently the Facebook new feature, Campus is available in 30 universities in the US including Johns Hopkins, Northwestern, University of Louisville, Vassar, and Virginia Tech. At the stand, Campus is arranged in a way that will only allow people who attend the same school can see and interact with each other.

The Student Not Qualified To Join the Facebook Campus

  • A a student whose account has been disabled by Facebook.
  • If a person violated Facebook’s community standards outside of Campus, they also won’t be able to join the section.
  • Alumni are not allowed to stay on Campus, once you graduate, Facebook will send you a notification that suggests you leave Campus because it’s no longer relevant to you

The campus might be one way Facebook tries to keep students and younger people on the original Facebook app and engaged for longer.

Students can now join and constantly keep in touch with their friends in the campus section of the Facebook app.