Facebook Download Messenger App For PC, iOS and Android Phones

It’s no longer news that the Facebook messenger app is the best and the most widely used in the world today. The new version of the Messenger allows you to create a separate account without having to sign up for the main Facebook. Because some users cannot differentiate between the messenger lite and the new Facebook messenger, I decided to guide you here on how to download any of them on the app stores.

If you are observant enough you would have noticed that you can’t view videos on Facebook Lite. With Facebook messenger app downloaded on your device, you can watch lots of videos that your friends share on their status and Play Games together with your friends.

The good thing about Facebook Messenger App is that it supports many of the popular devices such as computers, iOs, and Android phones. The app is available in stores of the device and is free and to download. Here are the features you have missed if you have not installed it on your device.

Features Of Facebook Messenger App

  • It allows you to make free video calls for both Group and one to one calls.
  • You can just arrange a hang out with your friends by getting on call or a group video chat.
  • It allows you to indicate a meeting point or tell friends where you are by sharing your location with just a few taps.
  • With Facebook messenger app you no longer need to exchange phone numbers, all you’ll do is just to send a message.
  • You mustn’t be a writer before you communicate as the Facebook messenger now has a voice recorder. Just hit the button and say whatever you want to say and release it.
  • Snap and edit your photos with Facebook messenger by adding Filters.
  • Once you download the Facebook messenger app you can share your location and reduce the expenses by fixing shorter meeting points.
  • For those in the US, UK, and France you can use Facebook messenger to send and receive money securely and easily to any destination using PayPal and other accepted means of payment. You can activate the payment feature by adding your Debit card or PayPal account.
  • Express your feelings with emojis, Add a silly sticker, and send a dancing GIF to your friends.
  • Free games Available to play with your friends. You can showcase your expertise in the game world by challenging your friends in the game competition.

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These features are not on the Facebook lite, so you have to download Facebook Messenger to enable you to enjoy them.

Facebook Messenger Download on Android Phones

This is the Facebook Download Messenger App For Android image
Facebook Messenger App For Android
  • For Facebook messenger download on Android phone, go to Play Store.
  • Searching with the top bar, type, Facebook Message.
  • Tap on the first result, the icon must be the same as the one indicated above.
  • Tap “Install” and wait for it to completely Install
  • Now go to your phone and launch the app.
  • Login with your Facebook lite Username and password or Create a new account if do not already have the account

Facebook Messenger Download on iOS device

Facebook Download Messenger App For iOS
Facebook Download Messenger App For iPhone
  • To download Facebook Messenger on iOS you must have an Apple Store Account, now login to the account using the username and password
  • Type on the Search bar, Facebook Messenger
  • Tap on the first result and wait for it to download.
  • Then, Login with your Facebook lite login credentials.

How to download The Facebook Messenger For PC

It’s good to have the Messenger App on your PC because messages will be coming directly to the and not on the browser. It is easier to chat with your plus those features above that you’ll enjoy.

  • Using your PC, go to the Window Store and Search for the app
  • Click on “Download” once the site fetches the Messenger App
  • Open the app once it finishes downloading, and then log in with your Facebook lite Username and password.

That’s all, thanks for reading.


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