Facebook Group Cover Photo Size – Upload Facebook Group Photo

Last updated on June 24th, 2020 at 10:57 am

Hi guys, I know what you may feel when you tried to get the actual Facebook Group Cover Photo size for your group. When one wants to create a quality group on Facebook, uploading photos on the cover page is one of the first things to do. Some People have lost their Likes and followers because they ignored to observe the best practice.

Facebook group cover photo size is the same on every group, so, don’t think that those eyes-catching pages and groups you see made some magic. Here, I want to teach you two basic things that will make your group page a stand-out group among others. If you have watched some of the groups or pages on Facebook, you’ll discover that some of them are not properly optimized, and when their invitees see it in that condition, the page will appear bad and unprofessional for them.

Whether or not you’re using Facebook Group to get leads, make a big sale, or create friends or customer community, understanding the way to make and optimize your cover photo is very necessary. When you think of the Facebook cover photo dimensions for your group, it can be tasking to figure out the required size.


The image may look blurred or may have an incomplete description of the group as captured on the photo.

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Before I proceed into showing you the official Facebook Group Cover photo size, let’s consider why you need to upload a cover photo?

  • The Facebook group cover photo describes what your group is all about and has a significant effect on how people see the group and associate with your brand. It’s the first definition of your group.
  • Having a photo in your Facebook group tells people that your account is active and it is a real account.
  • It signifies your brand identity
  • At a sight, Facebook group cover photo, explains who the brand is, what is it for, and the purpose or services it offers.
  • Why you need a cover photo on your Facebook group is that it helps you to express the purpose of your group, and also to help others to develop the right impression of you, and many others.

What is the required Facebook Group cover photo size?

The size of the Facebook group cover photo size, according to the Facebook image guideline is 828 pixels wide and 315 pixels tall on desktop, and 640 pixels wide and 360 pixels tall on mobile phones. Either of these cover sizes will give you the appropriate display you need on your Facebook group page.

How do you upload the Facebook Group cover photo?

  • First, you can upload photos to your Facebook group by logging in to your account if not logged already.
An image that explains Facebook Group Cover Photo Size
Facebook Group Cover Page
  • Then, go to your group page, and tap “Edit”
    Tap “Upload photo”
    Select the photo you want to use as your cover photo from where you saved it
  • Align the photo at the center, and then tap “Save”

Why is my Facebook Group photo not uploading?

Your group photo may not upload when you have a poor internet connection or if you have a larger or smaller image than required by Facebook. If you have resized your photo to the size above and you see photo upload failed, then you need to check your network. You may switch from your Wi-Fi to the data.

In summary, it’s good to observe Facebook guidelines and use a good image to give your group a good look.