How to Download Facebook Lite in 3 Steps

Facebook Lite Download

Facebook in its objective to satisfy its users around the world has rolled out another version of Facebook APK called Facebook Lite. The new version is to add more value and better experience to its members and I know from the testimonies of Facebook Lite users that you have searched for the right method of download the app and enjoy the features with them. This post contains the guides that will work you through the processes and some of the features in the application.

Basic Features of Facebook Lite

  • Facebook Lite gained the interest of many users because it consumes fewer data.
  • The App is small and a result saves space on your phone.
  • It has emoji
  • Facebook Lite gets you notified whenever activity is going on your home page.
  • It also provides new update across the globe
  • Another great feature is that it allows you to have control of who to see your photos.
  • If your former app doesn’t load fast then Facebook Lite is what you need.

Steps for Facebook Lite Download

1. First Step

Go to Google Play Store using your Android device. On the search bar type Facebook Lite APK, once you finished typing tap the search button. A list of your related searches will display on your screen. Tap on Facebook Lite.

2. Second Step

Now to download the app, tap on Install on the top right side of the page. It may prompt you with ACCEPT, tap on it, and wait for some minute to complete the installation.

3. Third Step

You are almost there, what you have to do now is go to your Android device menu and launch the app. Facebook Lite is programmed in a way to help you save and invite new friends by sending them an automatic request.

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However, you are at the liberty to either allow it to send requests or not. Finish up the remaining part to enable Facebook Lite to give the full experience you are looking for.