BB&T Routing Number VA (Virginia), Other States, SWFT for Wire Transfers

Knowing your BB&T Routing Number VA is just as important as knowing your BB&T account Number VA number and even your Social Security number. Without it, it’s hard to complete many transactions, like online payments and transfers. If you are a BB&T bank customer, you’ll need your bank’s unique routing number.

Looking for BB&T locations in Virginia, it can be found out with the help of online Branch/ATM Locator available on the homepage of their official website.

Here’s what you need to know BB&T Routing Number VA and how to locate your unique BB&T Routing Number. We will list the routine number of each state where BB&T Bank operate including Virginia (VA)

What Is BB&T Bank Routing Number

BB&T Bank Routing Number is a nine-digit number that is used to identify and authorize the electronic transfer of funds to and from your account. like BB&T Bank, each bank has a unique routing number that differs by state.

Not only in Virginia (VA) BB&T routing number is usually required for transactions such as direct deposit and wire transfers.

Why is a routing Number important?

Why routing number is important is to most transactions is that it mainly serves as your bank’s address.

The first four numbers you will represent the bank’s location. The next three numbers represent both the Federal Reserve Bank the transaction should be sent through and the Federal Reserve check processing centre. The last two digits denote the Federal Reserve district of the bank.

BB&T Routing Number VA (Virginia) And Other States

BB&T Bank has only one routing number for all domestic transactions. Here it is:

States/CitiesRouting Number
West Virginia051503394
North Carolina053101121 (headquarter)
District of Columbia (DC)054001547
South Carolina053201607

BB&T Bank Wire Transfers ( Domestic and International)

If you need to make a BB&T bank wire transfer, log into your online account and select “Transfers” from the dashboard.

Domestic Wire Transfers

To make a domestic wire transfer, you will need your BB&T Bank routing number, account number, the name of the beneficiary and the name of the beneficiary’s bank. Domestic Wire takes Up to 24 Hours to Process. The routing number for domestic wire transfers is as follows:


  • Bank Name
  • Routing Number
  • Address of Bank
  • Creditor’s Name
  • Creditor’s Account Number

BB&T Bank International Wire Transfers

BB&T Bank international wire transfers, you will need the unique routing number and SWIFT code. The SWIFT code distinctly identifies BB&T Bank in the wire transfer. International Wire takes Up to 7 Days to Process.


  • Swift Code
  • Routing Number
  • Customer’s Name
  • Customer’s Account Number


A SWIFT code is often referred to as a bank identifier code. It is used for international wire transfers. The code identifies the destination of the bank where the money is being sent.

BB&T Bank SWIFT code is used for international transactions of an electronic nature, including buying and selling securities, transferring money and corporate actions, notifications and instructions.

Your BB&T Bank SWIFT code will allow you to receive money from an international bank. For example, if you run a business and a customer who lives and banks in a foreign country wants to wire you money using a SWIFT code, these are the steps the customer would take. BB&T Bank has one SWIFT codes.

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