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On this page, I shall be talking about how to delete Tinder account to cancel your subscription. Tinder is one of the world’s most widely used dating websites. It was released in 2014. With its particular questionnaire that allows you to find compatible people anywhere in the world, this service has managed to quickly attract over millions of active subscribers.

Delete Tinder Account
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As it is a website created exclusively to meet people and establish relationships of all kinds, many times the idea of ​​using the service is temporary for various reasons after this time comes the idea of deleting the Tinder account. You may have already met the ideal person, the service has not met your expectations, or you simply need to delete your account and then create a new one with improvements. Fortunately, deleting the Tinder account is not complicated and you can do it in a matter of minutes.

Reasons Why People Delete Tinder account

  • Why does a person decide to delete their Tinder account? The reasons can be several, among which we can mention some:
  • The service has not met expectations. You can pass! However, you could consider improving your profile in order to obtain better results when finding a partner with the Tinder dating app.
  • Having seen your Match. Whether through the platform or without it, knowing a person is the most common reason why users cancel their Tinder account 
  • Many unwanted messages. As in any social service, you may be receiving many unwanted messages or messages from people that do not suit your tastes.
  • Opt for another service. Currently, it is possible to have a range of options when it comes to getting appointments online, even more so with applications that use geolocation to find people nearby.
  • Most users of the Tinder Dating app and any other page of this type, once they have found their ideal partner, prefer to cancel the Tinder account, so they will no longer receive notifications nor will their profile continue to be visited by other people.
  • In other cases, they subscribe and after a while, they decide to delete Tinder message because it does not meet their expectations, or they do not adapt to the service rules or simply decide to use a different means to meet reason.
  • Just as Tinder allows you to delete Tinder or that at a certain time you can cancel Tinder subscription it can also happen that if you do not comply with the conditions of use of the Tinder service, you close your account and if this happens you can never have a new account again.

Here we guide you through the account deletion process for Tinder and permanently unsubscribe from the service.

Deleting Tinder account on Computer

Through a section that can be accessed from the Tinder help center, it will be possible to delete your account in a matter of minutes. Of course, the platform will first try to persuade you not to delete your account, but it is normal considering that no service wants to lose users. We show you the procedure to delete your Tinder account from your computer.

You should know that this on how to delete the Tinder account will remove all traces of your profile and your data within the Tinder system. In addition, your profile will also be deleted in accordance with the service’s privacy policy.

  • Using your computer, enter the using your browser of choice.
  • Sign in by entering your details, username, and password.
  • Then, you must specify some reason why you want to cancel your Tinder account. In addition, Tinder may want to know how many appointments you have had and if you would recommend the service to other people. If you have found a partner, you will be asked for their username. Note that all this information is optional and the service uses it to improve.
  • When completing the account deletion form, press the “Delete account” button and you will have successfully deleted your account.

With these steps, you will have successfully deleted your Tinder account and you will not be able to log in with the same information again, however, you can sign up a new account at any time with the same information used in your recently deleted account.

How To Delete Your Tinder Profile on Android or iPhone 

To delete your Tinder account on your Android or iOS device, you must follow the same steps as on the computer, but using the mobile browser. We will summarize what are the steps to delete a Tinder account from your mobile.

  • Using the browser of your Android or iOS device, access the address
  • You will need to log in with your normal account details.
  • Then, you must specify some reason why you want to cancel the Tinder account. In addition, Tinder may want to know how many appointments you have had and if you would recommend the service to other people. If you have found a partner, you will be asked for their username. This information is optional.
  • Tap the “Delete account ” button and your account will be permanently deleted.

As you will see, you do not need the official Tinder application to delete your account, you can do it simply from your browser. Don’t forget to uninstall the app!

Uninstalling is not deleting Tinder account 

The confusion between uninstalling and deleting a Tinder account is frequent in users who enjoy the application on their mobile device.

This application is widely used because it accompanies you wherever you go, however, there are those who try to delete Tinder account and what they do is uninstall the application. By uninstalling the application you certainly stop receiving notifications, you cannot navigate from your mobile as you no longer have the App, however, your Tinder account is still active.


Your profile may continue to be consulted by other users of the dating service, but notifications do not reach your mobile. The correct way to cancel the subscription is by logging in and from there follow the steps that have already been explained.

Difficulties you may have when trying to delete a Tinder account

  • You have forgotten your username, your password, or both.
  • Your profile is penalized for having violated or breached any of the rules that govern it and you don’t know it; when this happens you usually receive an email reporting what happened, check your email!
  • That you have the correct username and password but when you subscribed you entered some capital letter or vice versa, this login module establishes differences between characters, upper and lower case.
  • At some point, you closed the account thinking that you could recover it, and you did not read the specifications that told you that if you completely delete the account, to be able to log in again you must create another account.
  • That the email you are entering is not the email with which you initially subscribed.
  • You should know that the data you enter at first are those that will remain registered in your Tinder profile, it is suggested not to change them many times as this usually brings confusion when trying to delete Tinder account.

What you need to know about Cancel your Tinder account

When you have a Tinder account, you have created a profile and you already have some contacts, but you do not want to continue and you decide to cancel your Tinder subscription, you should know that it is an irreversible process.

Once you have followed each of the steps and managed to remove the Tinder account, it is not a suspension of the service, when closing Tinderif at any time you want to re-belong to the online dating service community, you must start the process from zero.

You must fill out the registration again and create a new account, in this you will not be able to find the contacts that you had in your previous account, your encounters and followers will be new.

If you have purchased a special plan and still have credits, when you close the account you lose everything and it cannot be paid back.

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