iPad Hotmail Settings | iPhone & iPad Hotmail Server  Set Up

In this post, you’ll find the iPad Hotmail settings. Besides an overview with the IMAP and SMTP server mail settings for Hotmail email account. We offer you a detailed and step by step guides for setting up Hotmail on iPad and iPhone.

The exact steps may not be the same because of the model differences, but we are going to show you all the settings for both devices. Meanwhile, we would like to give a comprehensive explanation of what Hotmail offers to its users.

The Hotmail Email provides users with enough free storage joined with an easy-to-use email interface. The webmail allows attachments of large files and includes a great spam filter and advanced anti-virus capabilities. Although many Hotmail email users access their mail mainly through the web interface, mobile device users can access Hotmail mail on their devices through the email program they use therein.

To send mail through a Hotmail Outlook or Windows Live Mail account from any email program or service (such as Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, etc.), you need to enter the SMTP server settings on your mobile device. For iPad Hotmail settings you also need the Hotmail Mail IMAP server settings for accessing Hotmail email messages and folders from another email program.

iPad Hotmail Settings | Hotmail Server Settings iPad $ iPhone

On your iPad mobile device, you’ll be required to enter this information in your mail app in order to view the email in your Hotmail Webmail Account.

  • Go to your iPad or iPhone and open the Settings, and then select Mails, Contacts, Calendars. If you have other emails already added, you will see it on the page.
  • The interface is going look differently if your device is running of the latest iOS. In such a case, to Settings, locate the Passwords & Accounts option.
  • Then, tap Add Account, then select your webmail from the list.

Hotmail iPad Email Settings

  • I hope you are getting it? There will be many webmail service providers you will see such as Gmail, iCloud, GMX, Microsoft Exchange, Google Mail, Yahoo Mail, AOL Mail. You may get confused that you did not see Hotmail, yeah, this has been the case since it changed to Outlook mail. Since Outlook is the same as Hotmail email, what you will do is to select Outlook or Windows live in some cases.

Hotmail IMAP Settings

  • Okay, now is the time to type in your Hotmail address and the password. After this stage comes to  “Next” button, tap on the button so that the Hotmail account will be configured on your iPad. Wait a moment for your iPad or iPhone to complete the verification.

iPad Hotmail Server Settings

  • You will need to select the file or documents you want to sync to your email account, like Contacts or Calendars.

Hotmail email settings for iPad

  • Finally, tap Save, then your Hotmail set up will be completed.


  • Go to Settings and select Accounts
  • Select Incoming option
  • On the Server Address, enter imap-mail.outlook.com
  • Server Port: Enter 993
  • This server requires a secure connection (SSL): Yes
  • User name: Enter Your Hotmail email, for example, e9et@hotmail.com
  • On the Password option: Enter your Hotmail password
  • Tap Save, and you’ve finished.

SMTP iPad Hotmail Settings

The SMTP settings for your Hotmail account are only relevant for sending messages. To receive mail from your account through the email client, make sure you’re using the right Hotmail Outlook or Windows. live POP3 settings.


Hotmail Outlook SMTP Server Settings for All Device

This is how to set up an outgoing SMTP server for sending mail using Hotmail Outlook from any email program, mobile device, or another email service:

  • SMTP Server: smtp.live.com
  • SMTP Username: Your Hotmail Outlook email address (e.g. e9et@hotmail.com or e9et@outlook.com)
  • SMTP Password: Your Hotmail Outlook password
  • SMTP Port: 587
  • SMTP TLS/SSL Required: Yes.
  • Tap Save and you’ve finished.

After the settings, you will be able to send and receive emails on your iPad and iPhone.

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