4 Methods to Make Lane Bryant Credit Card payment – Lane Bryant Pay Online

Lane Bryant Credit Card payment method is one of the various ways you pay for goods you buy in Bryant shop. The arrangement is to make it more convenient for customers. Here we want to you learn the usual procedures for paying your bills with Bryant Card, both online and offline. Continue reading to learn how to manage your account.

4 Methods to Make Lane Bryant Credit Card payment

You have online Bryant Payment, Phone payment, Mail and Bryant Store payment

  1. How to  Make Lane Bryant Credit Card Payment Online

You have different options when you want to make a payment of your purchases with Lane Bryant Credit Card. You can choose the most convenient method for you.

You have to sign up for Lane Bryant Credit Card if don’t have the account already through Comenity Bank, the card issuing bank. Upon visiting Lane Bryant Comenity Bank sign up page, you’ll see an online form for the Credit Card application and after you have to Login to your Bryant Credit account

  1. Provide in the form all the needed information which includes: a Social Security number, Zip codes and Continue with the instructions
  2. You’ll also need to activate the Credit Card after which you can make a first-time payment online, but before that you must have your checking and routing number handy.
  3. Select amount you’d like to pay on your bill. There are least and customized amount.
  4. First online Lane Bryant bill payment takes little longer time than the subsequent. You’ll need to wait for the minimum of two days for the online credit card payments complete.

2. How to Make a Lane Bryant Credit Card Payment by Phone

Another means you can make a Lane Bryant Credit Card payment is with phone. You only need to call the representative through the Customers Care number. It doesn’t call for you to have a smartphone. Your card information should be on hand for quicker transaction as you get your phone to dial the number below.

  • Dial 800-888-4163 (TDD/TTY: 800-695-1788).
  • Enter your 16-digit credit card number or Social Security number when prompted.
  • Follow the voice instructions to talk with a representative in respect to payment you want to make.

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3. How to Make Bryant Credit Card Payment by Mail

Lane Bryant Credit Card Payment by Mail is also an option you may choose for transaction on Lane Bryant. Distance may be a factor in mail payment and you have to wait for at least two days from the day of sending the mail. You’ll prepare a check payable to Comenity Bank.

  • Here are the Steps to go with in order to make a successful payment:
  • Now, address checks payable to Comenity Bank by writing your Lane Bryant account number on the check.
  • Package the mail in an envelope and sent it the Comenity Bank address:

P.O. Box 659728
San Antonio, TX 78265-9728

4. How to make your Lane Bryant Payment in the Store

If you make payment in the Store you’ll receive delivery of the goods immediately once it is successful. You’ll meet the shop representatives face to face. You may even go with cash if you don’t want to pay with your credit card.

It may be that you prefer the assurance of face-to-face interactions when paying credit card bills. In that case, you can make your Lane Bryant payment in stores using cash, a check or your debit card.

You can also make a Lane Bryant payment by using the app. The app helps you to exert more control of your account, you can make transaction on the go with your mobile phone.

Download Lane Bryant’s digital card app to easily make payments on the go.


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