21 Temp Email Address and Free Email Generators

Temp Email Address is an email account that allows you to temporarily send and receive mail messages. The account is best used when you don’t want to expose your email or relevant personal online.  They are generated without phone number verification.  With Temp email Generator you can create a personal email address that anyone can send messages to and with which you can send mails to others. The Temp Email address is automatically deleted within the duration you set it to expire.

The fake email generator as popularly called by some persons has a different use for the various users but It is mostly used by those who do not want to share their sensitive information on some websites.  The use of the account to perform transactions on site with low trust is also a good way of avoiding hackers.

When you want to access any website that you don’t trust, the temporary email address is you’re the proper email to use. Rather than using your personal email account, these Temporary email addresses will serve for a specified time and deletes itself.

There are many free and paid disposable email addresses but the question is which Temp email addresses is good, and we have received this query several times, hence, we want to share with you the list of the best Temp email generators that you will use when you want to avoid spam. Prior to our research, we had no knowledge that there many free temporary email address service providers.  Below is the selection we made based on quality service and the number of users the disposable emails have.

List of Temp Email Address With send & Recieve Features

  1. E4ward Email Address

Among the free Temp email address is E4ward mail. It is one of the best fake email generators that can help you prevent spam from getting to your main email. E4ward allows you to make use of more than one alias if you signed up for premium services. The user can also have more cloud space to save emails.

Features E4ward

  • You can customize to the username of your choice
  • It enables a premium user to create more multiple aliases
  • One alias for free users
  • You can send a message directly to your main email.

2. LuxusMail

LuxusMail is another free disposable email address service provider that allows you to create a temporary email address. It is a safe and secure temp email service that prevents all forms spams from getting your email account. It allows you to either choose your email account from the already existing list or create it randomly.

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Features of LuxusMail

  • LuxusMail service allows you to use one email again after the first use.
  • It can be used on both mobile phone and desktop
  • It prevents you from spam messages
  • LuxusMail has an automated feature that allows you to send a message when an application is not open.
  • Users receive notification even when they are not active with the email.
  • You can select custom usernames for email

3. Moakt Email services

Moakt is a temp email add that allows the users to send and receive messages in their email inbox. It can only be used for one hour from the time of its activation. You will have enough space to create and receive mail messages once you Sign up. Other features are as follows;

Features of Moakt Email

  • It does not allow customized, aliases; you can only choose a domain name from the available list.
  • Moakt email uses a secure SSL connection.
  • It protects your privacy and confidentiality.
  • You can access the free disposable email address whenever you n it.

4. 10minutemail

This is one of the popular Temp email address generator that can be used temporarily. Just as the name suggests, its service expires 10 minutes after creation. Nevertheless, the feature enables you to reset the default time and increase the time limit. You can use this throwaway email on the website you don’t trust. 10minutemail is also mobile-friendly and is simple to use.

Features of 10minutemail

  • Although 10minutemail expires after 10 minutes of its activation, you reset the time to 100 minutes.
  • If your mailbox is just expired, then you can recover it before it.
  • Your email address is recoverable after some minutes of its expiration.
  • It keeps you safe from spam and ensures that your information is protected.

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5. Mailinator

Mailinator Disposable email Service

This is a free temporary email address that permits the use of any alias anyone may need for receiving email. It is safe and prevents you from spam. It also ensures that some of your privacy is kept. Mailinator is a fake email service that is in the public domain, and the mails are available in public. The only thing not good about this mail is the alias you chose maybe have been used by another person. However, if you subscribe to the paid plan you can get an alias that has not been used by another person.

Features of Mailinataor

  • The emails that you receive get self-deleted after the set hours elapses.
  • It also enables the users to send mail without signing up.
  • Email addresses on the website can be seen and read by another user at any time. It seems this does not actually guarantee privacy.
  • This free disposable email address is more of the public.
  • It can be used on mobile phones.

6. OwlyMail

This is a throwaway mail that is used to secure email lists. Users receive a notification once an email is sent to their inbox. It gives you access to register an unlimited number of temporary mails

Features of OwlyMail

  • OwlyMail permits you to use your email the second time
  • You can create multiple domains for your mails.
  • Users receive notification alerts
  • OwlyMail is also used for online verification of social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
  • It offers you a customizable username for your email

7. TempMail

TempMail is among the free temporary email address that can be used to send and receive emails. Like some other temp email discussed above, it allows you to create multiple domains and you change the domain name at any time. Where you choose the same alias as another person, you also will receive the same email. It is therefore not good to use TempMail for anything sensitive as it can be hacked. There is no adequate protection of information on the website.

Features of TempMail

  • TempMail provides QR code to enable you to access the email address again.
  • It can be used on mobile phones
  • It offers a safe way to use email addresses
  • You can delete your email address if you so wish.
  • It helps you to avoid spam by providing alternative mail.
  • The website is protected with an SSL certificate.
  • It is fast and supported on all devices

8. Nada Throwaway email service

Nada is a temporary email generator that renders temporal mail services. It is simple for use and you can use it to create an online account. Nada gives permanent and temporary services. One unique feature of this throwaway email is that you will receive notification from it before the domain is refreshed.

Like some of the disposable emails explained above, you can create multiple aliases and domains. It also allows deleting your aliases after use.

Features of Nada

  • Nada free disposable email address allows you to create a number of inboxes.
  • You will get your messages shown automatically without refreshing the page.
  • Nada email can be accessed with a mobile phone, desktop, and Chrome or its extension.
  • You can also use an Android mobile application.

9. Guerrilla Mail

GuerrilaMail Address

This is an email that works smartly for one hour and automatically deletes itself. It is an email you can use when you want to avoid spam. There’s no registration required, on logging in to the website you are allowed to choose aliases of your choice. Users send and receive emails directly to their inbox with the sender’s IP attached to the mail. GuerrilaMail is user friendly and supports PC and mobile phones.

It also has added Advantages for Android users as they can download the app on Google Play Store. All you will need is to have a Gmail account.

Features Of GuerrilaMail

  • On GuerrilaMail site you are at the liberty to choose your address by using aliases
  • It prevents spam messages from getting to your mailbox.
  • GuerrilaMail detects spam and removes it immediately.
  • Your email has one-hour lifespan after which it automatically deletes
  • It has a mobile application for Android users.

10. MohMal Free Disposable Email Addresses

MohMal provides you with a temporary address to be used to send and receive emails. The lifespan is 45 minutes after which it becomes inactive. It supported in different languages. Where you believe that you have not utilized the email for the purpose you subscribed to. you can refresh the mail immediately after the 45 minutes. This disposable email also allows users to register aliases and select the domain of their choice.

Features Of MohMal Email

  • It protects the users from spam
  • You can create your alias and also choose your preferred domain
  • It expires after 45 minutes unless you refreshed it
  • It supports multiple languages

11. ThrowAwayMail

Just as the name suggests, ThrowAwayMail is a temp email address that expires after 2 days from the time of its activation. Users of this disposable email get a unique disposable email account. It lasts longer than other use and throwaway emails. If you want to continue using your address you will have to refresh the mail before the 48 hours are completed. It prevents spam messages from getting to your inbox.

Features of ThrowAwayMail

  • One unique feature of this disposable email address is that two or more persons cannot use the same address, with that; it prevents the address from being hacked.
  • The email address expires after 48 hours from the time of its activation.
  • You can composed email and send and as well as receive messages instantly.
  • It is supported by different languages

12. EmailOnDeck Email Address

If you want a free throwaway email address, EmailOnDeck is one of the emails you can really trust. It offers users maximum security. This free e-mail service offers users a unique email address. You can use it to sign-up or receive other emails. Just like a permanent email, you can recover this email address after you have deleted it.

Maybe that you still have something important which you want to use it for or that you have an unread email you can still get hold of your address. However, you can only do this with what is called the recovery “Taken”. There’s no set period after which your email will be deleted. EmailOnDeck has free and premium services.

Features Of EmailonDeck Mail

  • The System automatically deletes email addresses once it reaches the set period.
  • It’s Bitcoin and cryptocurrency-friendly for those into the business
  • It does not take time for this email address.
  • EmailOnDeck ensures that your personal information is protected through wadding off spam.
  • Multiple language support

13. Spamex Free Temp Email Add

If you are afraid of Spam or hackers or that you want to keep your personal information private online, this email provides sufficient protection against any form of Spam. You can read this from its name. Users receive and send messages at will. In addition to these features, Spamex is mobile friendly and can be used on any device. It one of the free throwaway emails that have been in services for a long now and retain its reputation.

Features Of Spamex Email

  • Spamex email works almost on all platforms.
  • It includes up to 500 addresses.
  • It gives users a 30-day free trial after which you can upgrade to the paid services.
  • It is mobile friendly and works on all devices
  • A small size limit makes attachments difficult.
  • The website also offers an annual fee after free trial.

14. YOPmail Temp Mail Service

YOPmail has different awesome features that have kept it as one of the popular temp email address. This can be seen in its email lifespan, unlike many other temp emails, YopMail keeps the message in your inbox for complete 8 days before it can be deleted. The features do not stop there, it also in different languages, so you can use it anywhere especially with the help of Google translation.

The only feature which is not pleasing about this email is that users cannot compose emails on the website and send it to any other service providers. They can only send anonymous emails to the domains used by YOPmail only.

Features Of YopMail

  • It lifespan seems to be the longest with 8 days duration
  • It supports multiple languages
  • You cannot compose a message on the website
  • YopMail is easy to use.

15. Jetable.org

Jetable.org email address allows users to Sign up and set a time when the email will automatically delete. Within the duration you set, your temporary email address sends mail to your actual email address. It is easy to use, mobile-friendly and supports different languages.

Features Of Jetable

  • It can’t be used to Sign up Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social networks
  • It can last between one hour to one month.
  • It can’t be connected to a real email address.
  • Jatable is also good when you want to prevent spam.
  • It can’t be used to create some online account

16. Mailcatch Email Address

MailCatch is also one of the free Fake email generators that allow the users to create disposable mailboxes of their own. MailCatch Email majorly offers premium services. It is best for preventing spam mails and can be used on mobile and computer.

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Features of MailCatch

  • The MailCatch deletes an email address based on the server load.
  • It allows users to choose the login name of 1 to 25 characters
  • It has a Firefox add-on.
  • The Email address can be used several times without limit.

17. TrashMail Temporary Email Address

TrashMail is another website that provides temp email services. On the website, you can create an email address that you use for a short time. It is a temp email for sending messages.
With TrashMail, you can receive messages directly to your personal account. It’s good for use when you want to prevent spam from getting into your personal Email address.

Features of TrashMail

  • It offers the feature that allows you to forward unlimited mail.
  • With TrashMail You can filter incoming mails by a CAPTCHA system.
  • It uses a secure SSL connection to send mail.

18. GishPuppy Mail

GishPuppy is another temp email with send service.  It can be used when avoiding spam. It has great features as well as its easy to use and effectiveness. Once this email service is activated it gives you the addresses that automatically forward messages to your private email. You can delete GishPuppy Disposable Email address anytime you wish. It makes it easier for the users to receive messages from the website they fully don’t trust. To keep your personal email address safe and secure you can use GishPuppy mail.

Features Of GishPuppy  Temp Mail

  • It sends a message directly to your personal mail address
  • You get a different email address each time you sign up.
  • You can configure your aliases to expire automatically.
  • It does not support custom domains.
  • The security of your personal account is not assured with GishPuppy’s email.

19. Getairmail Throwaway Email Generator

Getairmail temporary email has many awesome features that anyone can like anytime. Many users have confirmed it to be fast and with good functionalities. Its feature automatically deletes the temporary email you created on its platform within a specified time.

This email gives you the confidence you may need on any d mail address. Another feature which you may not find on other disposable email but on Getairmail is the auto display of incoming email.  You can generate temp email Getairmail within few minutes.

Features of Getairmail

  • It automatically displays incoming emails on your device.
  • You can copy the link and use it another time.
  • It automatically deletes after 24 hours.
  • The address is Private and only accessible to you.
  • It is free to use
  • It also has an Unlimited Email option.

20. Hidester Email

Looking for an email you can use on an untrusted website Hidester email is there to help you. It prevents spam from getting to your real email account. It is simple, fast, and free for use. No registration is required.

Features Of Hidester Email

  • It gives the users a 24-hour time limit.
  • You don’t need to sign up before you use it
  • Hidester email is simple, fast and Free to use
  • It prevents spam

21. Mintmail

This is one of the free disposable email addresses that you can use to receive email rather than your real email. It helps you to keep spam away. Upon visiting the website you will instantly get an email address. You can determine with the email address will expire through the settings button. I have used Mintmail for verification of my account and really enjoyed the services.

Features Of Mintmail

  • It permits you to customize the time you would want the temporary email address to expire.
  • There’s no verification needed
  • It allows you to forward incoming email to any other address
  • You do not need to register.

That is all we have with you on 21 Free Temp Email Address, the temp email generators for 2020, I hope you got what you are looking for?


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Note the Free disposable email addresses listed in this post are not to be used in committing a crime. Where you involved in any illegal activities with any of these emails you can’t be let off the hook. You will be made to face the law.

We will keep you updated when there are other good temporary emails come out.


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