How to Find Facebook Password of your Account

Find Facebook Password

Have you lost your Facebook password and really need to find it. Don’t worry you can find Facebook password of your account by using the proper procedures provided by the social network. You also solve the problem by analyzing the list of passwords stored on your devices.

In most instances, you can reset your Facebook login information by following the procedure provided by the social network in case of loss of login credentials.

Losing access to your Facebook account is not without posing a number of problems. However, the site offers several methods to recover access to his account in the event of loss of his password. The most recognized method is while signing in to your Facebook account to request that your password be reset by clicking on the “ Forgotten account information ” link. Select your email address from the list. Facebook will then send you a code and link to follow and complete the process.

There are different Method to find the Facebook password which are;

  • By using a mobile phone
  • By using Computer
  • By using Chrome o Firefox browser

First, let’s find out how to find Facebook password from the mobile phone (or tablet), by examining the login data stored on the device. Below is an explanation of how to do both Android and iOS. It’s not difficult, don’t be afraid.

How to find Facebook Password by using a mobile phone

If you are using an Android mobile device, you can try to recover your Facebook account password using the smart lock feature, which is activated when a Gmail account is signed into and which allows storage. this saves your login data and gives you automatic access to Facebook.

To find the password, first access the section of the Android settings by touching the gear icon. that you find in the screen where all the applications are located). So tap your Google voice then write Smart Lock for passwords.

When the screen appears, find the Saved passwords section, tap on the google account link, and on the web page that opens, enter your login information for your Google account. Then scroll down the displayed page until you find the password section and search among the saved password you will find your Facebook password. You may as well tap on to eye like icon to view the password.

Find the Facebook password on your computer

To find the password Facebook using a computer, you need to use the browser you used to access your Facebook account. It may be Chrome, Firefox or Safari

If you are using Chrome here is how to find the password

If you are used to logging in to your Facebook account with Chrome, you can your synchronized data in your browser. To find your Facebook account password, clicking on the button with the three dots vertically in the top right and selecting the menu item on the settings.

In the new tab that opens, click on the view password from the settings you can see the list of websites for which you have chosen to save passwords in the section. If you have click on the eye found next to see the password.

Why you may be having Facebook password login Problem

Your Facebook account may have been hacked

In the case of a hack, it is common for the intruder to change the contact address in order to prevent this recovery method from working. This is not the only way to recover your account, however. If you have entered a phone number in your Facebook account, the site will be able to send you a code by SMS. Code that will allow you to unlock access to your account. You can reset your password and change the email address associated with your Facebook account.

Forgotten Facebook ID

Where you no longer have access to the email address associated with your Facebook account? And you can’t get a recovery text message? Unfortunately, you will be unable to regain access to your account via the tools provided by the social network. As always, protection against piracy involves taking precautions upstream.

Choosing a strong password, and different from that of your other services used is important. As well as the security of his account. In particular by choosing trusted contacts who can recover your account for you. Or with two-step identification.

How to reset Facebook password

  • Enter your password, no matter if it is incorrect. Below the input field, Facebook indicates “forgot password?” ”In a link underlined in blue.
  • By opening this link, a new window will appear in front of you, containing the useful instructions to find your account. Facebook asks you to enter your full email address and hit the search command.
  • To re-establish your contact with the network, you have to provide email with which you created the Facebook account
  • Once you have provided the email all you have to do is check your email box to receive the message from Facebook. On the inbox is a code consisting of six digits which will serve as confirmation for the process of changing the password.
  • After entering this code, Facebook will give you its consent to reset your password.
  • Then create a new password and confirm it on the second field and after that click on Save.

Always create a strong password and keep secret, don’t allow anybody to see it, update your password at least monthly. This will help you to prevent your account from hackers.