Find Friends on Facebook with Facebook Search

Find Friends on Facebook

When you sign up for Facebook account, you’re prompted to check whether your friends are also on Facebook on the Find Friends screen. Finding contacts on Facebook can be a lot of fun! The easiest way to find friends on Facebook is to import your friends and contacts from other services that you already use (such as Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, and AOL). You may be pleasantly surprised by how many people you know are already busy Facebook.

If you skip inviting friends and family to join Facebook during the registration process, you can always go back and do this later. Just search for people by first name, last name, or email address by clicking the search at the top of the screen by this you can find friends on Facebook.

You also have Facebook suggestions where Facebook will automatically suggest friends to you according to your location and mutual friends.

Searching by using Facebook Friends Search

Facebook also has its own search engine, known as Facebook Search, which you can access by typing in the search field at the top of any Facebook screen.

Find Friends on Facebook

You can enter any keyword of your choice in the Facebook Search field, and Facebook not only brings you results in chronological order (with the most recent at the top) but also lets you know when people have made new Post, pages and groups that match your search criteria and gives you the option to refresh the search results.

One of the more interesting features that helps you to find friends on Facebook is the FACEBOOK MUTUAL FRIENDS It’s a great way for people who are interested in real-life meetups.

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The Facebook Search lets you find friends on Facebook by the person’s name or location, or search a specific username to get a list of all friends.