How to Free Up Space on Android Phone and Fix Insufficient Storage

Free Up Space on Android Phone

How to Free Up Space on Android Phone; have you noticed that your mobile devices tend to be slower as you continue using it overtime? This can be caused by the number of apps, videos photos, junks and other data in your phone. It happens most to device that has less space. Therefore, to ensure that your Android phone serves you better, we advice you free up space on your Android internal memory. Nothing annoys than your phone complying in a negative way when you want to make use it. This post explains some the way to fix a congested memory issues.

Sometimes you might have no file in the phone but it would display insufficient storage space. When you notice this you should know that something has gone wrong. So what you will need to do then is navigate through the phone to find out the problem. Thus you are to know the right way to free up space on the Android phone if the device is Android.

Ways you can find out and Free up Your Android phone and fix insufficient storage up space

First, how do you detect what is occupying your Android memory space?

  1. Swipe down your screen and scroll down to “Settings” icon tap it and proceed
  2. Tap on Storage & USB
  3. Tap on internal Memory
  4. Once that is done, you will see list of categories like Apps, Videos, Audio, Images and others. Then, to finally see the particular app that occupies the highest space tap on any of the category.

Now, let’s learn more of how we can make our Android phone more efficient by freeing up space on it. However, there are different ways in which you can free up memory space on Android phone, these are;

  • Clearing App Cache
  • By Removing Uninstalled Apps
  • Moving App to the SD Card

1. How to Free Up space on Android Phone by Clearing App Cache

Cache is data which accumulates and stores in a device when some app are used. Now how do you clear these unwanted cache? The processes are below;

Open your Android setting. Navigate and tap Storage & USB. Doing this will show you the data cached by apps on your phone. Tap Cached data. When prompted with “This will clear cached data for all apps” move on and tap OK. You have successfully cleared all the cache.

2. By Removing Uninstalled Apps

These are what you will do to uninstall apps on your Android device. Open the Settings. Then tap Apps and proceed to tap the app you want to uninstall. Tap on UNINSTALL. Tap OK to successfully Uninstall the app.

3. By Moving App to SD Card

This is another way of creating space in Android device if the above option is not conducive you can opt to this option. The first thing that I always do in my new phone is to select SD card where all downloads, photo and received files will be saved immediately. There is no specified way of moving apps or any other data to External memory on Android. In some android you need to select the apps or files and tap Move. However, I suggest you check your phone and see the right way to perform this operation.

These are how you can free up memory space on your android phone to enable it run faster

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