Gap Portal Employee Login at Portal

What is Gap Portal Employee Login at Portal? The Gap Portal Employee Login is a website which is specially developed by the Gap Corporation for its employees. It is created with the motive of providing better services to its huge employee base. It is an employee portal which specifically offering numerous kinds of benefits including pay stubs information, pays structure, employee benefits, health benefits, view schedules, holiday request, time off, etc. It only allows the website by Gap employees and team members to access the available benefits. But, Gap team members and employees having different login procedures to get into the services.

Benefits of Gap Employee Arrangement

  • The well beings reward program enables team members and spouse/Domestic partners to earn account dollars by enrolling themselves in Gaps’ medical plan.
  • Members can avail of 401(K) Plans if deemed eligible as per prescribed rules.
  • Can check their insurance benefits.
  • Request for time off.
  • Members can Schedule work.

Gap Employee Sign Up

If you are new to Gap pay and benefits here are the steps to register yourself.

1. Go to the Pay and Benefits login portal using steps explained in the above section.

2. Click on the “New User?” button placed below the login space.

3. Add the Last 4 digits of your SSN and Date Of Birth details. Click on continue.

4. Follow as instructed by the page to create User ID and Password.

Recovering User ID and Password

1. Go to the login portal of Pay and Benefits and click on “Forgot User Id or Password?”

2. Add the last 4-digits of SSN and your date of birth detail and click on continue.

3. Follow as instructed by the page retrieve user id or reset the password.

What you Need to Know about Gap Portal Employee Login!

Below mentioned steps are applicable for Gap schedule employees to sign into the account.

  1. The initial step you need is to visit the official website of Gap employees.
  2. You can sign into the account to access the Gap Employee schedules.
  3. By entering your user id and password, you can log into the account.
  4. Now, you’re eligible to access the benefits such as employee benefits, pay stubs, view schedules, etc.
  5. Similarly, you can find different login procedures for Gap team members.

Gap Portal Employee Login Requirements

1. For accessing your Gap Employee account you need to have a few things handy. Here are the things you require to access the account:

2. You must be a GapEmployee– For accessing the employee portal one should be an employee of Gap.

3. Internet: To sign into your Gap account the user should have an active internet connection.

4. Electronic Device: You should have a smartphone, tablet, computer, or laptop to log into your employee account.

Private Device: It is always good if you use a private device for accessing your Gap employee account.

Gap Portal Employee Login

Using the Workday portal Gap’s employees can easily access and manage their career information, update their personal information, and view payslips. This portal is accessible from any device including Desktop/tablet/mobile. Below are the steps involved in login.

1. Go to the Gap online portal. The URL for the website is “”.

2. Navigate to the bottom of the page. Find and click on the “More” link.

3. Once you click on the More button a pop-up menu appears. Choose the “Team Member Service” option from the menu.

4. Scroll down the page until you find a tab stating “Workday”, click on it.

5. Click on the “Continue” on the pop-up asking your confirmation to redirect you to the login page.

6. On this page add your login credentials (Login ID and Password) in the space provided and click on the Login button.


In the post above we have provided steps to login to all the Gap employee portals. We hope we have provided enough information on the Gap Portal Employee Login. Gap employees can have a nice time accessing their accounts.

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