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Gmail is one of the world’s most known and used email services. It is used by millions from all around the world. Like most other email services, loign has its own email account login page. This article is meant for users who are not conversant with the portal and need clear instructions on how to correctly and safely access the login page. what you need is your username and password to check your inbox or do other things with the account.

Where you have Gmail login problem you can’t access your account, you may want to check if you are doing it the right way. Here are some best practices to help you safely login to your account inbox homepage.

How to Fix Login Errors

Check the URL of the login page. You may take this common but it’s important to check if you are on the Gmail account login page with the correct URL. There are many cases where people try to login into your Gmail on a fake site through a malicious link.

There are many fake sites on the internet pretending to be the official login page and trying to steal your login credentials if you ever try to sign in on these fake sites. There are many of them, and once you fall for their tricks your email will be hacked immediately.

Thus, make sure the URL is the original Google or Gmail email account login site. It’s usually recommended that you visit the sign-in page by manually entering the correct URL on your browser.

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Therefore, keep away from malicious links in your email or anywhere else that try to redirect you to the login page. This is very important as most Gmail email account hacked cases are caused by users clicking and logging in through malicious links on their email.

How to Login to

To Access your Gmail email account online without the app, simply visit the website and then follow the steps discussed below to sign in to your account. The web sign is easier, free, and comprehensive. So, simply go to the web with your mobile phone or Laptop and proceed.

  1. Getting started. if you’re using a PC, go to your browser and type, you’ll now see the loign/login page, write your email address or phone number and your password, it’ll now take you to your inbox and main page where you can manage your account and your emails.
  2. If you’re trying to log in through a mobile device, you should go to the Play store or App Store and look for the Gmail app, download, and install it.
  3. Then, open the app and write your email address and password, you’ll now have access just like on your home computer.

If you can’t access your Gmail email account. it means that you have made a mistake with your password or it has been hacked. What you should do then is to go to the “I forgot my password” link and pick the option that will work for you, there you see options like “I forgot my email address” or “I forget my password” depending on your pick, you’ll access to a menu where you must follow the instructions on the screen.

Gmail Loign/Login

  1. Open your browser or app, and open the Sign-in page
  2. Enter your username, i.e. the email address, and click Next
  3. Enter your password and click Next. It must be the password you created for the account.

If you have an Android phone, iPhone, iPad, Tablets, etc. You can sign in to your Gmail account just by going to the sign-in the portal and entering your login credentials. Using any of these methods, you can sign in to your account safely.

How to Login Different Accounts

Gmail Login Different User is something you could possibly do without another person’s help, but for those who find it difficult accessing multiple Gmail accounts on the same device, here we will teach you how to sign in and add the different user as many as you want. Gmail is one the easiest email to use, there’s no complex interface, and you can create and manage your mail at the same place.

Once you have many email accounts or users you won’t like to sign and out every time. What you will do then is to take advantage of the Google account feature that allows you to Login to different Gmail users. It is as simple as signing in and adding another account.

There is no limit to the number of emails you can add and after you added the account you can use and synchronize with all available Google services.

There are two different ways in which you Login to different users on Gmail. One is through the use of Gmail App, another way is through the website.

We recommend using the Chrome browser for the website sign in because it is easier and has a feature that allows you to organize your account in one place. We also recommend that you do Login to different users on mobile phones because it makes it easier for you to receive instant notifications of messages on your inbox. This has been how we give quick responses to comments on our blog. Login Different User On PC – Loign

Like the general way of accessing your email accounts, Gmail sign in to add a new account requires your valid username and password. On the Gmail Sign in add user page, follow this step;

  1. Go to using your Chrome browser
  2. Click Sign In, it will appear on the top right side of your screen once the page opens
  3. Enter your first Gmail account you want to sign in
  4. Click Next and enter the password to the email. You will be signed in to your first account, now you can add another user.
  5. Click Add another account
  6. Enter the username of the email you want to add
  7. Click Next and enter your password >>>Next. the account will be added immediately if you entered the correct login details.
  8. When you finished adding a different user or account, you can sign in to any of the accounts you added by opening a new tab on your browser
  9. Click on your Gmail icon, select from the list the one you want to access. After you have done so click “Gmail

You have successfully added and signed in to a new Gmail account.

If you are using a Mobile phone to manage your multiple Gmail account, You will also add different users with the Gmail App. You will need to download the app if you don’t have it already.

To download the Gmail app for Android, go to the Google Play store, and get it installed. Some Android now have the app pre-installed before purchase. If you are an iOS user, go to the Apple store and get it installed.

Gmail Login Different User on Mobile Phone

  1. Open the app, and tap Sign in
  2. Enter the username of the Gmail you want to login
  3. Tap Next and enter the password >>> Next. You can now add another account
  4. Tap Add another account
  5. Enter the Gmail username and password
  6. Tap Next. From there you will be logged in to multiple accounts
  7. Continue with the steps if you want to add more accounts and different users.

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