How to Block Someone On Waplog

Waplog is a platform that allows you to make friends and connect with people around the world. Has one of your friends turned out to be a source of distraction to you on Waplog and you want to block and delete the user from your friend list? Or did you realize that person is not as responsible as you first thought? You want to know if you can and if yes, this article is on how to block someone on Waplog.

You can also unblock someone if you feel the block was a mistake, so the person the user will be able to contact you via Waplog ever again.

We are also going to share some advice on how you can avoid getting blocked on Waplog and how you can get your friends back if you have been blocked including how to know if someone blocked you or if there are some other reasons that your friends might have disappeared.

How to Block Someone on Waplog

If you want to get rid of a friend on Waplog and the entire conversation you had with the person, here is what you have to block friends on Waplog:

1. Log in to your Waplog account.

2. Navigate to the person you would like to block.

3. Click on the profile of the person.

4. Tap on the 3 dots in the upper right corner if you’re using the app.

5. Choose “block”.

6. Confirm that you want to block the person.

Once you tap on it, that person will be blocked from your Waplog friend list and your entire conversation with the person will also disappear. You will also disappear from the user’s friend list and the user won’t be able to check the conversation both of you had.

Keep in mind that once you block someone, you can’t continue interacting with the person and you can’t check out the profile anymore.

How to Block All Your Waplog friends

When you want to get rid of all Waplog friends, you have basically two options.

If you want to keep using Waplog with your current account then unfortunately there is no feature or technique that makes the process of blocking all your Waplog friends at once really easy and straightforward. In this case, you have to block all of your friends manually, following the steps we have outlined above.

If you don’t want to use Waplog anymore, you can simply just delete your Waplog account and whether you want to reset your account or not, all of your friends will be deleted.

Your friends will still be able to open the conversation you had with them, but they will only see your first name in the conversation, they can’t open your profile, and your profile picture will also get deleted. A label next to your name on the top of the conversation screen will say “blocked”.

What Happens When You’re Blocked on Waplog?

When someone blocks you, you won’t receive a notification about it.

Here’s what happens when you’re blocked:

  • You don’t see the person’s activities.
  • You won’t receive notifications regarding their account.
  • You don’t like or reply to a conversation with that person.

If you suspect you’ve been blocked on Waplog, the bad news is the platform doesn’t offer insight into who did it and when. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a way to find out who blocked you.

Namely, you can check who blocked you on Waplog manually. It might take some time to complete the process, but you can check it in a few seconds if you have a specific user.

Follow the steps below to establish whether someone blocked you on Waplog:

1. Visit the Waplog website or launch the mobile app.

2. Search for the person in question.

If you see their profile, it means you’re not blocked. If you see “You’re blocked. You can’t connect or react to the users’ activities,“ it means they’ve blocked you.

Although some may consider not receiving a notification about being blocked unfortunate, Waplog has sound reasoning behind this decision. Namely, the whole purpose of blocking someone is to avoid unwanted or unnecessary interactions. Waplog respects its users’ privacy, which is why it doesn’t provide any information regarding people who blocked you. The same goes for when you block someone.

How to Delete Waplog Chat/Messages

If you want to get rid of the conversation that you had with one of your Waplog friends, you have to do the same things as we have described above to block someone. Once you delete a friend on Waplog, the conversation you had with the user will be also deleted permanently.

How to Delete Single Waplog Message

But what if you only want to delete a single message you have sent on Waplog? Is it possible to delete only a single embarrassing message or a message with a typo error or an awkward picture or a message that your friends sent? So your option is to delete the entire conversation you had with the person by blocking or deleting your Waplog account.

What to Do if You Mistakenly Block Someone On Waplog

If you have accidentally blocked someone you don’t really have a feature or technique that will help you get your Waplog friends back but you still have some ways you can get your connections back. 

If you still want to connect with someone you blocked on Waplog and the person who blocked you, you can try and reset your account which means you block them right after restarting your account. In this case, as all of your friends and previous swipes will be reset, you have the chance to meet again with the blocked profile again.

If you don’t want Waplog friends, you can also just hope that this site will resurface the blocked profile after a certain period of time. You have a better chance of this if you live in a small neighborhood.

Difference Between Reporting and Blocking Waplog Someone 

When you think that someone made you uncomfortable or was threatening or abusive towards you, you can also report the user on Waplog

Reporting someone is different than just simply deleting a friend, as in this case, you also ask the Waplog Support team to review the profile you reported. When someone gets reported multiple times in a short period of time, there is a higher chance that the profile will get blocked.

When you report someone on Waplog, the person and the conversation you had with them will be deleted the same way as they would if you blocked them. 

How to Find Who Blocked You On Waplog

There are multiple reasons why one of your friends can disappear from your friend list. Here are how you can be sure that you have been blocked or reported on Waplog.

Waplog friends can also disappear when the person has been banned or has deleted the account permanently. In this case, you will still be able to open the conversation with the person, but you won’t be able to message the user and check the profile. The user’s profile picture will also be deleted and in the conversation, there will be a label saying “Deleted Member”.

However, when you have been blocked or reported and blocked from Waplog by another user then you can be sure that the entire conversation you had with that person has been deleted as well, so you have no way to check the user’s profile. In this case, you can be sure it was a deliberate block from the member.

How to Avoid Getting Blocked From Waplog

Before concluding this post, I would like to share some general advice about using Waplog in a way that will make sure that you will get blocked infrequently.

It is also important to keep the number of friends you block low, as users can also report you when they block you. And when you get a lot of users reporting you, you might get your account banned pretty quickly from Waplog. Once you are blocked from there is no way to get back except to reset your account which is not that simple.

You should read or at least go through Waplog’s Community Guidelines and Terms of Service to learn what behaviors are considered to be violations of guidelines and can lead to the Waplog Support team blocking your account.

You have to be extremely careful when your account is new. As Waplog takes these community guidelines very seriously and you might get easily reported and then blocked if your activities are suspicious.

At the same time, getting blocked on Waplog is not the worst thing in the world. It might actually be a good thing.

Let’s say that the person you are friends with is using Waplog just simply because of the features. What if the user is looking for someone to scam or the person is just using the app to have meaningless conversations and wants to understand how people react to the app? In this case, I would be pleased if someone like this would simply block you on and not waste our precious time.

Waplog is one of the most popular online social media platforms where you can meet different sets of people. There are many users who would love to have a conversation with you and meet up with you. Just because some people are blocked for any kind of reason, shouldn’t be any of your concern. Just keep swiping.

Can You Find Someone You Blocked on Waplog?

Yes, you can even if you blocked someone it is possible that the person will appear in your suggestion deck later and you can connect with the person again.

Some users might be blocked on Waplog for some reason. Once you exchange numbers or social accounts on Waplog, it may not make sense to keep messaging on the platform. It is possible that the user blocked you for this reason. You might still message each other outside of Waplog.

What really happens when you block someone on Waplog is that all your previous messages will be deleted from your account and from the person’s account you blocked.

I hope this article helped you.

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