How to Change a Shopee Shop Link

With Shopee shop link, you have a fantastic opportunity to access new markets and boost your brand’s awareness. On both the desktop and mobile platforms, Shopee shops provide great experience. 

The biggest benefit of Shopee Shops is that it allows you to deliver personalized information to potential clients and expose them to your products.

The good thing is that Shopee allows you to change your shop link/URL. In this article, we will guide you on how to customize or edit your URL on Shopee.

For your personal shop, Shopee Shop provides you with a unique web address. With this you can send Shopee link in Messenger and other social media platform. It is a fantastic tool to use for off-platform advertising, especially on social media sites where the domain redirects to your Shop on Shopee.

Before showing you the whole process, we just want to let you know that, Shopee Shop is available for only those sellers who have seller account.

How to Change a Shopee Shop Link or URL

Please follow the below steps to customize your shop link on Shopee Seller Central.

1. Sign in to your Shopee Seller account to begin editing the URL.

2. Go to “Me” tab and select “My Shop”. 

3. On your Seller Centre page, navigate to your profile name.

4. Click on the Shop Profile tab.

5. Enter your required name under Shop Name.

6. click “Save” for the change to reflect.

Now you have changed your Shopee shop link, you can add you shop URL to your website, YouTube, Instagram bio, Facebook, Twitter or other social media pages to promote your shop and attract new customers.

Why can’t I Change My Shopee Shop Name

Shopee states that you can only change your shop name once every 30 days. An that you should avoid frequent changes as it may confuse shoppers. So, you cannot change your URL/link or name as often as you want. Also keep in mind that changing too often can be confusing for your customers.