How to Check ACU Application Status & Admission Decision

Australian Catholic University (ACU) application status. This information is about how to check on your ACU application status, ACU Admission Decision, and how to find your ACU ID.

After you apply to the Australian Catholic University program, the Office of the Admissions will send you an email confirming that they have received your application and will include your username and password for the online status checker in this email and how to access the Applicant Status Portal, which can be used to monitor the progress of your application.

However, if you still haven’t received any notification from the Australian Catholic University (ACU) it might be the right time to check your application status by yourself. It’s not hard to do and to make it even easier, we’ve added the University portal link below which you can click to access the portal.

Meanwhile, to be able to track your ACU application status you will need to have the University Web Account. You will use this account to check the progress of your application, admission credentials, and your admissions decision on the Applicant Portal.  

ACU registered users – both domestic and international – can use this portal to apply for Australian Catholic University undergraduate and postgraduate coursework courses and pathways, Apply for a change of course/program, to manage current applications including uploading documentation, Check the status of submitted applications, and accept or defer an offer.

How to Check ACU Application Status

For you to be able to track your application’s progress, you will need the email address you provided in the ACU application.
Here we go:

  1. Go to ACU website at and log in to your account with your email and password. It must be the email you provided when you created your application account.
  2. Enter Student Number, Surname, Full first names, Date of birth when prompted and click Continue button
  3. When you are done, the page will be able to open for you to see the status of your application for admission.

How to Check ACU Admission Decisions 

Some ACUcampuses may state the decision within the email, while others will require you to log into the applicant portal to check the admission decision. All ACUCs will send admissions packets to admitted students; campuses will NOT mail letters to students who are NOT admitted.

You may access the online application as many times as you wish to check if a decision has been rendered on your file. If admitted, you will be able to submit your enrollment decision via the online application. ACU enrollment decisions must be entered by the date communicated in the admission letter.

How Long Does ACU Decision Takes? 

If you applied to ACU within the application period, it can take six to eight weeks to receive a decision. Regular admission deadlines are around the 1st of the year and those decisions are revealed in March and April. You can obtain more specific information by visiting the ACU’s website.

How to Find Your ACU ID

  1. You will receive your login information from ACU in your email.
  2. You can locate your ACU ID on the Student Link under Academics, Transcript Preview, and Ordering. Click the link for your ACU school or college, then click Login under Current Students. Enter your ID and password.

Australian Catholic University Website:

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