How to Copy an Instagram Account Link (URL)

Instagram offers a number of ways to connect and share with your followers, you can copy and share your account, posts, videos, etc Instagram messages, stories, and WhatsApp.

You can also share your account link with someone on a different app or website. To achieve this you will have to find and copy the link to the account handle, Reels, or video. Let’s learn how to find and copy Instagram account links also known as URLs.

You can find your Instagram account Link by opening the Instagram website or the app.

Every user has a unique URL associated with their account, and it contains their username. it contains Instagram’s website address and your username, separated by slashes.

How to Copy Your Instagram Account/Profile Link

Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t have a straightforward way to find or share your own Instagram profile link on Android and iPhone. Nevertheless, there is still a way to copy and share Instagram account links.

1. How to Find Your Link on the Computer

If you do access your Instagram account on the computer, you can find and copy your Instagram profile link in the following steps:

1. Go to on your computer and then sign in to your Instagram account.

2. Click on your profile icon located at the top and select Profile.

Editing Instagram Profile Link

3. Copy the link that displays in the address bar. That is your Instagram account link. You can share it with anyone on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Twitter, Reddit, etc.

An Instagram account contains Instagram’s website address, a slash (/), and your username. For example, if your username is e9et, your Instagram profile link will be You can copy and share this link outside of Instagram

2. How to Get Instagram URL on Android & iPhone

If you aren’t able to access Instagram on a web browser, you can find your URL on your mobile device via the app.

1. Open the Instagram app on your iPhone or Android and sign in. 

2. Tap your profile icon located at the bottom menu bar.

Instagram account link on mobile hone

3. When you’re on your profile page, you’ll see your Instagram username at the top of the page. 

4. Your Instagram link contains Instagram website address and your Instagram username, separated by slashes. Here is how it looks: 

3. Copying Your Username With Instagram QR Code

An Instagram QR Code connects an Instagram account with a QR Code. You can use this feature to generate a QR code for your account which you can copy and share with others users who will then scan the code to view your Instagram account profile and the followers. If want to learn more about building your follower read the 12 Verified Instagram Account Growth Techniques.

1. Open your Instagram app, log in and tap on your profile picture icon.

2. Tap on the three-bar icon located at the top and select QR Code.

Instagram Link on QR Code

3. Your QR code will now display. You can either take a screenshot or tap on the Share icon to share it with people on Instagram or other social media.

Anyone who scans the QR Code is directed to your Instagram page, where they can find your profile details and they can follow your account from there.

Instagram also lets you customize the background of the QR code and you can do this by tapping on the button at the top. You can also tap on the screen to select the available styles.

4. Copying Your Link Using Edit Profile

Instagram allows you to edit your account username, copy your account link via this method tap on the Edit profile button on your profile screen. You will see your username link below the Username field. Tap and hold on to it, select all, and copy it. Now add Instagram’s website URL to it ( to generate your Instagram account link.

How to Copy Someone’s Account Link

Yes, you can copy someone’s Instagram account, post, or video link. You can copy links for both personal profiles and pages.

1. Go to the Instagram profile whose link you want to copy.

2. Tap on the three-dot icon at the top and select Copy profile URL from the menu.

3. The link is now copied to your clipboard. You can paste it wherever you want to share it.

How to Share Your Instagram Account Link

There are two ways in which you can send an Instagram link via messages

1. Via Copy-pasting Link

Here is how:

1. Copy your account link or someone else’s link following the steps above.

2. Now open the DM where you want to send the link.

3. Tap and hold the message field and tap on Paste. The profile link will be posted. 

4. Then, tap the Send button to share it.

2. Using Share Profile

This method is similar to when you want to copy someone else’s account link.

1. Open the Instagram account, or the page you want to share.

2. Click on the three-dot icon and select Share this profile.

3. Your followers will now show at the top. 

4. Search for the person to whom you want to send the link and tap the Send button next to their name. 

How to Send Instagram Account Link on WhatsApp

1.  Follow the method explained above to copy the Instagram link.

2. Open the WhatsApp contact you want to send the Instagram link.

Instagram Link on WhatsApp

3. Press and hold the text area and tap Paste and then tap on the Send button.

4. Tap on the floating pencil icon.

5. Paste the copied link in the text area. 

6. Select your preferred font style and color and Tap on the Send button to the link on your status.

How to Send an Account Link on Your Insta Story

You can send an IG account link by using the Instagram share profile feature, what you have to do is to:

1. Open the profile you want to share with your story.

2. Tap on the three-dot icon: it is found at the top.

3. Tap on Share this profile.

3. Select Add profile to your story and tap publish.

Another easy way to do this is to copy the profile link.

1. Follow the method explained above to copy the Instagram link.

2. Then, create a new story in the normal way.

3. Take a new photo or choose from the existing ones in your gallery. You can decide to arrange the story to your taste.

4. Tap on the Sticker icon and choose Link from the options.

5. Now paste the profile link you copied and tap the Done button and then hit the publish button.

How to Share Instagram Profile Link on Facebook

1. Log in to your Instagram account and tap on your profile picture in the bottom right to go to your profile. 

2. Tap in the top right, then select Settings

3. Select Accounts Center from the menu and then tap Sharing across profiles. 

4. Tap the account you want to share from, then select the account to Share to, and hit the share button.

How to Share Instagram Profile Link on YouTube

Log in to your YouTube channel, and follow these steps to add your Instagram profile link to your bio

1. Click your profile picture icon, which is found in the upper-right corner of the app, and select Channel to go to your channel.

2. Now, click on Customize Channel. This will take you to your YouTube Studio.

3. Select Basic info, scroll down, and click Add Link.

Instagram Link on YouTube

4. Follow the method explained above to copy the Instagram link and then paste it into your Instagram URL field.

5. To make the Instagram logo appear on your channel’s banner, click the Links on the banner dropdown.

6. Click Publish once you’ve added the link.

6. Reload your YouTube channel, and you’ll see the link shown on your channel’s banner and about page. 

You can add up to 5 social media accounts on your YouTube channel.

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