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If you wish to delete your AoEZone account, you don’t need to worry, we’ll show you exactly how to delete your AoEZone account with and without your password or logging in. Depending on your reasons for deleting your account, you might want to close your account as quickly as possible. The good thing is that AoEZone allows you to delete your account in a few simple steps.

AoEZone’s website states that while your account is canceled, you won’t be able to use their services. However, the website retains limited information following account deletion for lawful reasons, including for fraud prevention, and enforcing their Terms of Use. This includes a device identifier, an email, and an IP address associated with the account.

How to Delete AoEZone Account

Once you create AoEZone account and you’ve decided that you want to stop using it, you can delete your account with just a click but you have to be logged in to be able to do this. There are different ways to delete your account. All will be explained in this article.

How to delete AoEZone account without password

Usually, you would have to be signed in to your account in order to be able to delete your AoEZone account. Since you cannot remember your password and have tried everything but still couldn’t find the password you will have to try something different. 

If you are locked out of your AoEZone account and want the account deleted forever, there is something you can do but you’ll need to follow these specific steps to do so. There are three ways you can delete your account without password:

Method 1: Resetting your AoEZone password

1. Open the AoEZone web page on your preferred device

2. Click the  “forgotten password” tab on the login screen.

3. Click the “Username” or “email” field and enter the email address you used to create your AoEZone account.

4. Select the “Send email” so as to receive a link to create a new password.

5. Log in to your email and click on the link sent to you by AoEZone to create a new password.

Once you are logged in to your AoEZone account here is what you should do:

1. Go to Settings on your dashboard

2. Select the “Delete Account” option

3. Select one of the options from the drop-down menu containing why you want to delete your account.

Once you have selected a reason, a “Delete Account” tab will appear. Click on it and successfully delete your account.

Method 2: By contacting AoEZone support

Another way you can delete your AoEZone account without password or logging in is to contact AoEZone support and if you want to get it done as soon as possible, you’re going to visit the support page. 

1. Go to AoEZone Support in a web browser. If you don’t know your username and password, you’ll need to fill out an online form stating why your account should be deleted.

2. There are a few options you can choose from as to why you think your AoEZone account should be deleted. If you have forgotten the password or the username, select that option in the menu.

3. Fill out the rest of the form with your name, email address, age, and the username of the account. You can also fill out a comment box in the bottom section of the form with any details you might want to add about the account.

4. Send in your form, then wait for an email response from AoEZone.

Method 3: Delete AoEZone account by email

Another method you can delete your AoEZone account without logging or using the password is to send an email that you want to close your account to AoEZone Here is how you can achieve that:

1. Scroll to the ‘Help & Support Centre” and you’ll see the support email address.

2. Then, write a message telling them what your issue is and why you want to delete your account.

3. Then press Send.

How to delete AoEZone account on website

The easiest way to achieve this is by logging into your AoEZone account in a web browser either on desktop or mobile as all the options appear as soon as you log in.

1. Visit AoEZone’s official website page.

2. Log in by entering your AoEZone username and password on the login form.

3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select “Settings”

4. Then click “Account”

5. Select “Delete Account”

6. Re-enter your username and password on the next page.

7. Click on “Continue”

Once you’ve done this, your AoEZone account will be deactivated. Keep in mind that once you complete these steps, your AoEZone account won’t be deleted right away. It’ll be deactivated for a few days, during which time you’ll have the option to reactivate the account before it’s permanently deleted. You’ll also receive an email to your contact address confirming the deactivation.

How to delete account on AoEZone app

1. Now, log in to your AoEZone account using the mobile app.

2. Click your profile Placeholder and select “Settings” from the menu.

3. Below your username, select “Account”

4. Click “Deactivate your Account”

5. Read the messages and select Deactivate.

6. You’ll be prompted to re-enter your password and then you can click the deactivate button the last time after which you uninstall the app from your phone. 

Unfortunately, you can’t delete your account permanently from the AoEZone app, you have to follow the steps above to delete it from the website.

How to find old AoEZone accounts Linked to your email

Here’s is the process you’ll use:

1.  Log in to your email address.

2. Scroll to “Manage third-party access” and click on it.

3. You will see a list of accounts linked to your email, including AoEZone, remove it, and the account will be deleted.

You can also search your emails linked with account creation, compile a list of these sites and disconnect them from your email.

AoEZone closed my account?

There are many reasons which may cause AoEZone to delete your account without your knowledge such as if there is any “suspicious” activity with your account. Reactivating a self-deactivated AoEZone account is as simple as logging back into your account. If you’ve previously deleted the account, it can’t be recovered. If your account was deactivated involuntarily by AoEZone.

So, if your AoEZone account is disabled and you want to re-enable, just contact the AoEZone customer service or send them an email requesting that your account be reactivated. 

Delete AoEZone permanently

If you want to permanently delete your AoEZone account, then wait 30 days. After that time period, your account will be removed from the AoEZone website and you’ll no longer be able to reactivate it back.

If you can’t wait for the 30 days to end, you can go to the settings and then click on your AoEZone information. Click on deactivation and deletion. Here click on permanently delete Account and then continue to account deletion.

What Happens when you delete your AoEZone account?

To request that your AoEZone account be permanently deleted expresses your intention to fully remove both your user account and any existing information relevant to your user account. This cannot be undone, and AoEZone won’t be able to recover any of your data including your saved lists and email alerts in the future.

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