How to Delete Your Tendopay Account

Tendopay allows you to delete your account permanently in different ways: you can send them an email or delete it from your profile settings.

Any of these methods delete your information from the Tendopay database. However, Tendopay may retain some of your personal data for certain legal, security, and other needs.

How to Delete Your Tendopay Account

1. Log in to your Tendopay.

2. From the main page, select Settings & Privacy.

3. Select Delete your account.

4. Read through the information and click Delete.

5. Then, click Delete once again.

Once you’ve done this, your account will be closed and your personal data will be permanently removed following the expiration of legal and compliance record-keeping obligations that require Tendopay to maintain certain data for limited periods of time.

Emailing Tendopay 

If you can’t find the delete option from the settings, you can send an email to Tendopay requesting that your account should be canceled.

You can contact the support staff at: and they’ll immediately close your account. Please wait for 24 hours to remove all your information and documentation from the website.

if you want to use the help center follow the steps below:

1. Go to Tendopay Help Center. 

2. Select the topic that best describes your issue, then you’ll fill out a form with your specific details.

3. Search for “delete account”.

4. You will be directed to a link that will let you send a deletion request to Tendopay. 

5. Once Tendopay receives the request, you’ll receive an automated message with how long it will take them before they delete the account.

You can also delete your account by sending an email the support if you forget your login details. 

If after emailing the support you didn’t receive a reply from Tendopay you can use your friend’s account to chat with them. 

Here is how to do it:

1. Log into your friend’s account and navigate to Tendopay’s support & request page. 

2. Request Tendopay to terminate or delete your account under the Report option. 

3. Provide the details of your previous account like your account ID to prove that the account was yours.

4. When done with this, don’t forget to confirm your request for account deletion.

You should receive an email saying your account has been deleted. 

If you ever want to reactivate the account, you just have to open the Tendopay website and log in again. Your account will reactivate and you’ll retain all your data.