How to Find Someone’s IP Address on OnlyFans

OnlyFans does not display someone’s IP address to the public but you can find a user’s location in some different ways. OnlyFans is one of the online platforms that have made life online more interesting. Every day, people from different parts of the world connect to each other through their social accounts. 

Many people use OnlyFans to stay connected with online friends. At the same time, some users are out there to trace other users’ online activity and view someone’s profile or see the IP address to discover their real identities and current location-related information.

OnlyFans user IP address not only helps people find the location and identity of someone on OnlyFans user, but it also finds the email address of someone’s OnlyFans account and gives information such as their real name, phone number, area pin code, and so on.

There can be many reasons you would like to see the IP address of someone’s OnlyFans account.

Maybe, you are receiving spam or inappropriate messages from an unknown user or collecting data to offer personalized services. People can also easily fake their identity and display wrong information on their profile and you want to track them.

For example, they can easily update their profile with fake information and add a different country as their own. They might also list the colleges and schools from the country they’re not from. But, what’s the guarantee the information is accurate?

That is when tracking the IP address of OnlyFans users becomes necessary. It helps you find the exact and real-time location of the user on OnlyFans.

If you’re new to OnlyFans, this guide will tell you how to find the IP address of someone’s OnlyFans profile.

These are the same strategies you can use to track the location of someone’s OnlyFans profile in real-time.

How to Find Someone’s IP Address Location on OnlyFans

OnlyFans does not show their user’s IP address, you can someone’s real location in the following ways:

1. Using Grabify IP Finder

Grabify IP Logger is an IP Identifier website that tracks and finds the IP address from OnlyFans. However, the downside is that even public institutions can also use Grabify to track the IP location of someone.

Here’s how you can:

1. Open the OnlyFans app on your device.

2. Find and copy the OnlyFans profile link.

3. Open the Grabify IP Logger website on your browser.

4.. Paste the copied link in the given box and click on create URL.

5. Next, you will find the new IP tracking link, just copy it.

6. Start a conversation with the person you want to track and at the right time send them copied IP tracking link.

7. Ask the user to open the link for some exciting content and when they click on it, Grabify will find the IP address.

8. Now, go back and refresh the Grabify page, and IP will show on the screen.

2. Find Someone’s OnlyFans IP Address Via Chat 

You can also see someone’s  IP Address on OnlyFans using the chat. You can use the netstat function to identify the user’s IP address. 

Netstat is a command-line network utility that displays network connections for Transmission Control Protocol, routing tables, and a number of network interfaces and network protocol statistics.

To find an IP address through this method you have to initiate a conversation with the user whose IP address you are trying to uncover.

Start a chat with the user on OnlyFans or any other social media and make sure you do it while the user is online. Keep the chat window open and access the command prompt tool at the same time. Enter ‘netstat –an’ and press Enter. You will get a list of IP addresses and find the user’s IP address. 

Here is what you should do:

1. Log in to OnlyFans on your computer, and start a conversation with the user. 

2. Make sure the person is online to respond to your chat.

3. Close all tabs and apps that work with an internet connection so that you don’t get a cluster of IP addresses.

4. Press the Windows logo + R keys simultaneously to open the Run box.

5. Enter in cmd and press Enter. 

6. Type netstat -an and press Enter. It will then generate many TCP scripts. Simply find the IP address that has written ESTABLISHED. 

7. Use Google search to locate the physical location of the IP address.

3. OnlyFans IP Address Finder by IPLogger

You can find the IP address of someone’s OnlyFans profile using the OnlyFans IP Address Finder by IPLogger. You must copy and paste the OnlyFans account URL in the given box and tap on the Find IP Address button. That’s it, next you will see the IP address of entered OnlyFans account

IPLogger will notify you that this might not be the real-time IP address but it’s the time when you last copied the URL or username. If this doesn’t sound beneficial, then move to the next method.

1. Open OnlyFans Location Tracker by IPLogger on your Android or iPhone.

2. Enter the OnlyFans profile link whose IP address you want to find.

3. Enter the captcha for verification and tap on the Track button.

4.  Next, you will see the current location and IP address of the OnlyFans profile.


With OnlyFans IP address tracking, every time you log in to your account, the website knows what IP address you are accessing it from, which means your location and identities be determined. All these methods are effective for finding someone’s location and IP address on OnlyFans.

However, an IP address does not reveal personal information like a name, social security number, or physical address.

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