How to Fix Samsung A12 Call Recording Not Working

Samsung A12 call recording not showing or option missing can occur for different reasons. If you need to record calls on your Samsung A12, the quickest method is to use the built-in call recorder. Answer the call, tap the Record button, and Samsung A12 will take care of the rest. 

Sometimes, the call recording option may not be available or there’s no audio recording available after hanging up. Let’s examine why the call recording on your Samsung A12 is not showing and how you can fix it.

Why Call Recording Option Is Not Showing on Samsung A12 

Call recording your Samsung A12 has a series of requirements or limitations you need to be aware of. We’ll list the most important ones below.

The call recording feature/option is fully supported and the recording option appears on the screen as soon as you accept the call. One of the reasons why the call recording option or settings is not showing on your Samsung A12 is that your country may be among the countries where the law prohibits the call recording feature. So, if you don’t see a record call option on your Samsung A12, it’s not a bug but a legal requirement.

The call recording option is disabled by default in Android’s core settings, and call recorders can’t bypass it. While in some countries, the option is disabled but you can use call recorder apps to bypass the restriction.

Clear the Phone App cache on your Samsung A12 by navigating to Settings and selecting Apps, then go to All Apps and select the Phone app, tap Storage. Tap the Clear cache button and check if the issue is gone. You can also delete junk files and restart your phone and check whether it fixes the problem.

Check the Android version of your Samsung A12 if it is outdated, you need to update it to a newer version. Also, install the latest Phone app version on your Samsung A12. You can update your apps manually and automatically.

The Samsung A12 Call recording option will not show if it has been disabled. You need to go through the settings process and enable it. 

How to Enable Call Recording in Samsung A12

1. Open the Phone app on your Samsung A12 phone.

2. Tap on the Recents option.

3. Tap on the three-dot menu in the top-right corner.

4. Tap on Settings.

5. Tap on Call recording.

6. Enable the toggle to automatically record all your calls.

How to Record Calls on Samsung A12

You can record important calls on your Samsung A12, and play them back from your audio library whenever you want. Follow the easy steps shown below to learn how to record calls when needed.

To manually record a call on your Samsung A12.

1. Open the Phone app and make a call, or receive an incoming call.

2. Tap Record call to begin recording. If this option does not show, tap the three-dot menu and choose Record call.

3. If this is your first time recording a call on your Samsung A12, tap Confirm to accept the terms and conditions.

Don’t forget to let the person at the other end of the call know that you’re recording the phone call. Depending on where you live, recording a phone call without first informing the other person you’re about to do that might be illegal.

How to Find Call Recording in Samsung A12

Samsung A12 recorded calls are stored in your phone’s internal storage. In order to find all your call recordings:

1. Open the Phone app on your Samsung A12 device.

2. Tap the 3-dot overflow menu button in the top-right corner.

3. Move to Settings and select Record calls.

4. Select Recorded calls

5. All your recorded calls will show up here and will show the contact name or the phone number to know the recorded calls easily.

Call Recorder for Samsung A12

There are a number of great apps for Samsung A12 which are free and can help you record the calls but following a policy change by Google, third-party apps can no longer record calls using the Accessibility API on Android.

It is also not legal to record phone calls in some countries. But if the law in your country permits call recording and the recording option is not showing, you can install a third-party app. There are many call recorder apps available in the Play Store. Just enter “call recording” in the search bar and select the app that best suits your needs.

Remember to read the reviews before you install the app.


There’re reasons why the Samsung A12 call recording option is not showing such as country limitations and an outdated phone app. If this feature is missing, check if your country supports it. You may want to contact your phone carrier to make sure they support call recording.

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