How to Message on Without Paying is a dating app/website where you can chat with like-minded people in a special chat that instantly translates messages into your native language.

When it comes to knowing how works, the last thing you want is to find your perfect match only to realize you can’t chat or send a message to your match.

The version doesn’t allow you to message more than one person a day but With a subscription to, you can use instant messaging (IM) to send messages instantly and anonymously via text with other subscribers.

This is unlike some other sites like Badoo where you can send messages once you’re matched to each other.

So you’ve downloaded the app, but before you invest in crafting the perfect bio you want to know if you can chat without paying. Just swipe right to “super Like” them and left to “pass”. Once you “like” each other, it’s a match and you can start chatting right away but with a limit.

If you’re wondering whether you can send a message on without paying? The answer is yes – messaging someone on is completely free, so long as you’ve already matched with that user. 

The site also allows free members to send messages to their favorite Picks.

With free, if you haven’t matched with someone, you can’t message, but if you’ve matched then you can start the conversation free of charge.

However,’s paid versions give you more access to messaging with a match. You can use the new instant messaging (IM) feature to chat with more than 10 persons at once.

But that’s not quite all there is to it. Both premium free members can’t message without matching, meaning that if you do choose to pay for’s ultimate tier, you can’t message someone who’s not on your friends list.

Let’s take explain more about how to chat on

How to Message Someone On Free

Nobody on is getting a date through their bio alone. To start hooking up on, you’re going to need to bust out your best lines.

So you’re wondering, how do I message someone on First, you have to match with them – even if you’re a premium member you cannot message without matching.

For free users, once you’ve matched, hit the speech bubble icon to see your matches, and select your best friend that you want to chat with. This opens the messaging function, so type out your best line and hit Send.

Here’s how to chat on

1. First, you have to match, so like someone and hope they like you back!

2. Once you’ve matched, navigate through the blue on a member’s mini-profile in the search.

3. Click on the match you want to message.

4. Type in your message and press Send!

That’s the bare bones of free chat on – but it’s going to be down to you to keep the conversation going! My advice? Check your spelling, ask yes/no questions, and craft every message carefully to work towards the main goal – a date.

Who Can Send Messages on

Anyone can message anyone else on, so long as they’ve matched by swiping right on each other. Premium members can use IM to chat with more people.

Is Likes Free?

On, if there’s a mutual match you’ll be notified and the chat can get started. But you only get a match if you like each other. If you want to see who likes you before you get trigger-happy with your swipes, do you have to cough up?

So do you have to pay for to see who likes you? With free, you’ll find out who likes you when you like them back – that’s a match. But to see who likes you before you start swiping? Yep, you have you pay for that. 

Here’s where’s paid tiers come in: you can only see who likes you if you pay for subscription. With free, you only find out if someone likes you if you like them back – and you can always message them for free. has never admitted how much they limit your likes. so it might make sense to stop yourself from going swipe crazy. That’s one reason to upgrade to a premium membership.

To clarify, it’s always free to message someone you’ve matched with. And you can match for free by swiping away. But if you see a little blurred profile picture of someone who has liked you, you’ll have to pay to see that person.

Don’t panic though – keep on swiping and eventually they’ll come up in your swipe deck. If you like them back, you’ll match anyway.


Dating can be expensive. There are many other important things to spend money on. So I get why you might not want to pay for a dating app in the first place.

Fortunately, free offers a functional platform for you to like, match, message, and meet up. Of course, you can pay for some added bonuses but if money’s as tight as those first-date jeans, then you’ll be fine with the free version.

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