How to Message Someone Privately on Poshmark

If you’ve ever placed an order on Poshmark and then realized immediately afterward that you made a mistake, then you know it can be difficult to figure out how to remedy the issue. Here is how to message someone privately on the Poshmark marketplace.

Some people still don’t know that Poshmark has a feature that allows direct messaging between sellers and buyers. This feature is extremely helpful to both parties because it connects them together. 

Buyers can ask product-related questions, seek assistance, or resolve issues with the products. Sellers can, in turn, get valuable feedback from their buyers and thank them for the business.

You can take advantage of this system no matter which side you are on. Find out how to send a message on Poshmark as a seller or a buyer.

How to Message Someone on Poshmark

Before you begin sending messages to someone on Poshmark, there is some preparation needed on your end. First of all, you need to have a Poshmark buyer or seller account.

1. Go to the Poshmark website and log into your account.

2. Open the Order dropdown menu and click on Manage Orders.

2. Look at Order Details and select the name of the buyer.

3. You will be redirected to a window for messaging said buyer. Type out the message and send it with Submit.

You can also message someone on Poshmark through the Problems/Order Inquiry page. Your messages are private between you and the recipient. However, Poshmark Support will have access to the chat for the purpose of dispute resolution if any arises.

How to Contact a Poshmark seller before you place an order 

1. On the product details page, click on the name of the seller. This should be located on the right-side panel under the “Add to Cart” and “Buy Now” buttons, next to “Sold by.”

2. On the seller’s page, click “Ask a question” in the upper-right corner.

3. You’ll be taken to the Seller Messaging Assistant. In the chat window, select the appropriate options that pertain to your question.

4. After clicking through a few multiple-choice options, a message box should appear where you can type a specific question and attach files if you wish.

5. Once you’ve typed your message, click “Send Message.”

You can also directly access all your messages with sellers on Poshmark. To view or reply to a conversation with a seller, you’ll need to go to the Buyer/Seller Message Center.

You can also contact someone on Poshmark by sending them an email and you can add emails with attachments using Poshmark’s messaging service. Their size needs to be less than 10MB. The available file formats are PDF, Word, image, and text. The attachments must follow Poshmark’s guidelines or they will be removed.

How to Message Likers on Poshmark

1. Go to your Poshmark listing.

2. Select Offer/Price Drop.

3. Select Offer to LIkers (Private).

4. Enter Your Offer.

5. Choose a Shipping Discount.

6. Click Submit.

How to Get Someone’s Attention on Poshmark

Grab people’s attention right away by listing the main selling points for your product at the top of the description. Specifically, focus on anything that makes your items stand out. Write a good description, and think about what you’d like to know if you were buying the product.

You are competing with millions of other items trying to get attention and dollars. So, what you say in your title is critical.

How to Contact Seller on Poshmark After Purchase

After you make a purchase, you can find the product in your order history. Click on Returns and orders at the top right corner of the Poshmark website. Click on View order details next to the order information.

To contact a seller after purchase or payment

1. Go to Your Order list.

2. Find your order in the list.

3. Select Problem with the order.

4. Choose your topic from the list displayed.

5. Select Contact seller.

6. Allow two days for the seller to respond. In most cases, you’ll receive a reply sooner

If you’ve already purchased a product, you’ll see An order I’ve placed. You can pick from the default options or select Others to ask a question. You will receive a response from the seller via email.

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