How to Put Shopee in English

You may be thinking, why is Shopee in Bahasa Malaysia and Chinese, even though the language of the Shopee site is English? Do you want to find out how to change the language on Shopee? Read the post to find out.

Sometimes Shopee sellers and buyers search for Shopee goods online or in Google, and visiting an Shopee products page in a different language changes your web browser’s language to that language as the default. So, what should you do if you want to change the language back to English or another?

People from all major parts of the world are welcome to use Shopee. English, Bahasa Malaysia and Chinese are all available as alternative language versions of its website and smartphone apps.

Perhaps you are from Philippine and you want the prices to be displayed in Philippine, or perhaps you are from China and want to display currency in Chinese Yuan.

What Language is Used in Shopee?

Shopee has three languages for you to choose from on the Seller Center: English, Bahasa Malaysia and Chinese.

The reason you see different language is  that Shopee incorrectly detects your country’s location, resulting in the incorrect language being displayed. Shopee, a Singaporean e-commerce website, is one of the best in today’s world marketplace. It’s full of opportunities and you can find top-selling items on Shopee.

There are many reasons why your language on Shopee is set to a different language. One of the reasons may be that you accessed a website from your browser that is set to another language. 

Automatically, your browser may be set to that language by default. Also, your language may change if you use a VPN to browse the web. You have to manually reset your language to your preferred Shopee language.

How to Change the Language on Shopee

Here’s how you can change your language setting on desktop and Shopee app:


1. Login to Shopee Seller Center by clicking HERE.

Shopee English Version

2. Click on Shop Settings.

Change Shopee to English

3. Choose your preferred language.


1. To open the Shopee app and sign in to your account, tap on the Settings icon.

Shopee English Version

2. Now select a language.

3. Choose a language from the drop-down menu and tap it.


1. To open the Shopee app and login to your account, tap on the icon.

2. Then go to the “Settings” icon.

3. Choose a language from the drop-down menu and tap it.

Shopee automatically identify which country you are from and immediately changes the language of the site. For example, you happen to be in Malaysia, and you need Shopee to be in English language, because you do not understand Bahasa, and instead of the desired language, the Malaysia version of the site opens. So what do you need to do then? The article above covers all the information about how to change language on Shopee.

Alongside the English version of the website’s service is the most popular one, it also has been translated into Chinese and Bahasa. In addition, many other common languages have simple translation options. Some in the world can also benefit from low-cost international shipping.

How do I Change my Shopee from Vietnam to English?

Sign in to your Shopee account and select Vietnam as your default language using the language setting button on the right top corner of the console main page or you can simply change it to any language of your choice. Go to Shopee’s website on your browser and go to the setting icon on the top right corner of the homepage. There, you can change your language to any of your choice.

What Country Does Shopee Available?

Shopee had websites in the following countries as of 2023: Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam.  The website also has English Bahasa Malaysia and Chinese as its language.

Why your account is on a different language is that Shopee incorrectly detects your country’s location, resulting in the display of the incorrect language. There are a few solutions to try. Clear your browser’s cookies first for Shopee.