How to Tell If Someone Read Your Message On Wizz

Wizz’s chat app will let you know when someone has read your message when both of you are friends.

To tell if someone has read your message on Wizz, there’ll be a checkmark, the person’s photo will show, and a green dot showing that the person is active or away.

Wizz users’ privacy settings are adjusted to limit or prevent nearly any type of irritating activity.

Messaging, though, is one of the few features that are virtually untouchable by privacy restrictions. This type of conversation enables users to send and receive messages with friends and non-friends alike.

The only limitation lies in message delivery. Filtering preferences may make it a bit tricky to find non-friends messages. Blocking is the only guarantee that a Wizz user will not be able to read your messages.

The Wizz app also uses a series of icons to show the status of a message you sent. The ways to check these icons to determine if a message has been read varies, depending on whether both of you are friends.

Wizz offers an official app for all mainstream mobile platforms, including Android and iOS Phones. If you don’t already have Wizz on your mobile device, download it from your app store and then log in.

How Does Wizz Message Works

You can send a message to anyone on Wizz, regardless of friend status or privacy settings. The only exception applies to users who ignored your messages, those you’ve blocked, and those who’ve blocked you.

Wizz filtering preferences may cause messages to go unseen, even though they have been delivered. With basic filtering, users typically receive all messages in the main folder of their inbox.

Strict filtering means that most of the messages in your main inbox will be from friends, while messages from non-friends are directed to your other folder.

Wizz App Secret Messages

The Wizz messaging feature is designed to facilitate private conversations between Wizz users.

There are several ways to send a message on Wizz app. When you click the “Message” button at the bottom of a user’s profile, a box appears.

That user’s settings and chat status will determine how and where he receives that message. It may go to his inbox, mobile device, or to home feed.

Regardless of delivery, the message is a one-to-one conversation between the sender and the recipient. Nobody else will be able to read that message. Community messages are another type of secret message, offering the same privacy standards as messages between two people, but on a multi-person basis.

When a community message involves people who are not directly connected but share a mutual friend, that message can be seen by all recipients.

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