4 Ways to Make Your Discover Credit Card Payment

Here you will learn the different steps for making your Discover Credit Card Payment.

There are four ways you can make your payment to Discover Card. If you need the payment to be fast, For instance, payments made online or by phone before 5 p.m. EST are credited the same day. You are not charged any fees for any payment options you choose.

With the Discover credit card payment options, Shoppers who opt for fashion-forward selections for women and men can get more benefits for their buck with the customer loyalty programs offered by Discover Inc in connection with its Discover Credit Card. You will get points per dollar spent, reward certificates, extra bonus point opportunities, and an annual birthday reward are all perks cardholders are eligible to receive.

Upon making your purchases with the Discover credit card, a billing statement will arrive, and you can pay your card online, by mail, or over the phone. How to Make Discover Credit Card Payment. To make an online, phone, mail, or payment in person for your Discover Credit card. You need to register for a Discover account.

How Do I Pay My Discover Credit Card Bill?

There is no doubt that making an on-time payment is a priority each month to avoid penalties. Here are four(4) options for making a Discover credit card payment:

Paying Your Balance/Bills Online

Discover offers cardholders the option to make credit card payments online, but you’ll need to register your account first. Here’s how to pay your Discover credit card online in few steps:

  • Create your account if you haven’t yet. To locate your account, you’ll need to provide your credit card account number, your ZIP code, and another identifying number, such as your Social Security number.
  • Complete the registration by providing a username, password, email address, and mobile phone number. Click on the “Create Account” button to submit your information. Then choose whether or not you want to enroll in paperless statements or digital cards.
  • Follow the rest of the online instruction to finish creating your account.
  • Sign in to your newly created account to make a payment and click the option for making a payment. If you have any issue logging into your Discover Credit Card, read; How to login Discover Credit Card.
  • Follow the online instruction to complete your payment. When making a payment by any method, you must pay at least the minimum payment due by the payment due date is shown on your statement to avoid extra charges by way of penalty. To prevent these interest charges, pay the whole balance listed on your last statement.

Just as I Mention above, online payments made by 5 p.m. EDT will be credited to your account on the same day, whereas online payments made after 8 p.m. EDT will be credited the next business day or on the date you have scheduled your payment. In some cases, it might take up to two business days for the funds to transfer from your bank to your credit card account.

Pay Using Your Phone

If you like to pay by phone, you can do so at your convenient time simply by calling 800-DISCOVER. You can make Discover credit card payments using your mobile phone after you sign up to make online payments through the Discover Account Center. With Mobile phone payments, Discover Inc. will use your Account Center login and password.

Making a Payment by Mail

Discover also accepts mail-in payments. Follow these steps to mail in your Discover credit card payment:

Draw a check payable to “Discover” in the amount you would like to pay. Discover also accepts money orders and cashier’s checks. Join the payment stub from your account statement, but do not staple your payment stub to your payment.

Make sure you write your Discover credit card account number on your check or money order to help ensure your payment will be properly credited to your account.

Mail your Discover payment using the envelope provided in your statement to the following address:

Discover Inc

  • P.O. P.O. Box 6103
  • Carol Stream, IL 60197-6103

Paying in Person

Where you like to pay in person, you have to first check with your local Sears. There are many stores that accept Discover Card payments. If a store near you is one of them, you can make your payment in the store.

What you will do is to write your full Discover account number on your check and keep your payment keeping the receipt as evidence of payment.

Note that Sears doesn’t accept payments made by cash, money order, or cashier’s check.

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