Kakaotalk Sign Up | How to Create Kakaotalk ID For Kakao Story

Ok, let’s talk about it, Kakaotalk Sign up – Kakaotalk is a quickly growing text and voice chat application, aimed at connecting new friends in particular. Its sleek and simple design makes it an excellent alternative to older apps. Kakaotalk has taken a lot of inspiration from other video calling apps extensive customization and management options but has buried some of those options within the interface. Luckily, it’s pretty easy to get started.

How to Create a New Kakaotalk ID

Similar to Line and WeChat, KakaoTalk also offers its own e-commerce market place through Kakao Gift Shop and KakaoStyle. The former allows users to deliver gift coupons to one another through KakaoTalk, with offerings ranging from food and beverages to cosmetics and household items. The latter, which is the number one style app in Korea and features 100,000 browse-able items and 160+ brands, allows users to share style opinions and information among friends while shopping.

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How To Sign Up Kakaotalk Account

Kakaotalk popularity has only multiplied in recent years, with the app now reaching over millions of registered users. If you’re looking to new People to communicate easily to or just hang out online with a small group of friends, then you should keep reading to learn how to sign up Kakaotalk free account.

Before you can communicate with your teammates using Discord, you will have to create your Kakaotalk Account.

How Do I Sign up a new Kakaotalk Account

Creating a Kakaotalk new account is straightforward. First, you’ll need to either download Kakaotalk (Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, or Android) or open the Discord web interface. Either way, you’ll need to create a free user account to get going. So go ahead and do that entire first.

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When you first open Kakaotalk and sign in, you’ll be asked if you want to create new account. If you already use Kakaotalk and have skipped this initial screen, you can create a new account by clicking register Kakaotalk button in the Kakaotalk interface.

Kakaotalk Sign Up on PC

  • To create your Kakaotalk account in a few minutes, follow these steps?
  • Open your web browser and head over to https://accounts.kakao.com/weblogin/create_account?continue=http://www.kakao.com/main
  • Agree to all Kakaotalk terms by tapping all Terms, and then enter Email
  • Once you fill out the required information, click on “Send Verification Email”.
  • Fill out other information including your username, and password
  • Tap create an account, you have now successfully created your Kakaotalk Account.
  • You need to verify your email address before you can fully use your Kakaotalk account.
  • Open your email address and open the email address by Kakaotalk daum.
  • Click on the “Verify Email” box to verify your email account.
  • Once you do that, you will finally be able to use your Kakaotalk account.

By following these steps, you will easily be able to create your own Kakaotalk ID on PC and with which you can meet new People Online.

Kakaotalk Sign Up on Phone

  • To Sign Up for the Kakaotalk account on your smartphone phone you have to install the App from either iOS Store or Google Play depending on your operating system.
  • Open the app and tap on the Daum ID.
  • Tap on the button for new account registration.
  • Select I have an email address if you already have active email or create a new email
  • Agree to the terms and Verify your email by tapping on “Send Verification Email”
  • Open Your Mail and follow the link to complete the registration
  • Fill all the required information and tap “Register account”

Setting up Kakaotalk Channels

What is KakaoTalk Channel?

KakaoTalk Channel is a special feature in KakaoTalk messenger that allows you to receive special content and updates from your favorite artists by adding them as your KakaoTalk Channel.


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