Create New Facebook Account For New Facebook Users

Facebook has for years become the most popular social network, it’s virtually used by every average person. To create new Facebook Account is really easy, you can actually do it from your home with a PC or your phone if you prefer. You got to know what you can use Facebook for. It is a place for social interaction, business, and a place of fun.

Upon the years and the popularity of Facebook, someone surprised me yesterday when I was talking about how to grow business with Facebook, Although it was just a few of them that said they never hear about Facebook. I believe there are many out there who are not aware of Facebook. So, here I will show you how to create new Facebook account using the sign-up form.  I will also show you images of the Facebook online form with which you register the account.

If you already have a Facebook account, I have explained how to Sign in to Facebook Account and reasons why you Can’t Log into Facebook.

Why you need to Create new Facebook Account

Just a brief explanation, some new users might not know what Facebook mean, Facebook is a social community where you can connect with many people around the world. You can share your important moment with your community of friends. Unlike Twitter, you can share your opinion with as many words as possible. As a business or blog owner, you can create a page or group to advertise your products.

You can use Facebook to connect with many other like-minded people, talk to them, and create a relationship with them. As a blogger or website owner, you can use Facebook to drive traffic and engage more visitors to your niche.

How to Create new Facebook Account On Phone

For registration of a new Facebook account with the sign-up form, you need either a PC or a Mobile phone that can connect to the internet.

A Facebook Account on Phone
  • To register a Facebook account: Go to, or or open Facebook App on your phone
Facebook Sign Up Form
  • Click on Create New Account then enter your first name and Surname
  • Click Next and type in your date of birth then click Next
  • Enter your active email or mobile phone number. Facebook will send a verification code through the number or email you provided.
  • Identify your gender.
  • Create a new password with at least 8 characters
  • Click Sign Up.

To finish the registration, you need to confirm your email or mobile phone number using the code that will be sent by Facebook.

Creating Facebook Account  on PC

There’s no much difference between Facebook’s new account registration on Mobile phones and PC. The only thing that differentiated the two devices is the interface. On PC you’ll get the complete form on a page.

A Facebook Account on PC

No need tapping the Next button much as you can provide the whole the information needed of you on the first sign up page.

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If you are using PC to register your Facebook account, visit the same page and click on Create New Account
Fill all your personal information as required by Facebook
Verify your email address or the phone number you used to complete the registration.

Setting up Your New Facebook Account

After you click the last sign up button, Facebook will start suggesting friends for you, you can start making friends by adding 5 to 10 friends and then proceed to set up your profile. You need this so that your old friends can identify you and sent a friend request. You need to update your profile information by adding the following:

  • Upload a clear picture on your profile
  • School you attended and your current school
  • Your bio
  • Your likes etc.

Some of them are optional, you can skip any information you wouldn’t like to add. Each info you add, make sure you save it so that it will reflect on your Facebook Account.

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