Edmodo for Parents: Edmodo For Teacher and Students Sign Up

Edmodo has an app for both Android and iOS that you can download to your smartphone or tablet. With it, you can do some of the things you can do through a Web browser, but not everything. The first time I wanted to create an Edmodo for parents, it was difficult for me on the App. Here’s the guide on what to while getting started with the online class registration.

Edmodo Sign Up

Edmodo being an online learning platform offers several benefits for students and teachers and even the parents. Let’s look at reason you need sign up for Edmodo.

Benefits of Edmodo Online Class for Teachers, Student and Parent

  1. Sufficient Learning Tools

Just like Google Classroom Edmodo Online class provides students with exposure to an online learning system with many materials. The knowledge you’ll get on Edmodo may help you transition into other learning management systems used in a higher place of Learning.

2. No Need for Paper

Members of the Edmodo class won’t have excessive amounts of paper to shuffle since the Online class group is completely paperless. When teachers upload assignments and assessments to a Group Students download and saved them and can automatically save them on Google Drive. Students can complete assignments and assessments directly through a group, and their work is also saved to Drive. Students can access missed work due to absences and locate other resources they may need.

3. Easy to Use

Edmodo can be accessed from any computer via Google Chrome or from any mobile device regardless of platform. Users can access the Classroom anytime, anywhere. Students no longer have to worry about crashed computers as they can download their files and back it up to Google drive.

4. Time Consciousness

The Edmodo group class is a huge time saver. With all resources saved in one place and the ability to access Online facilities anywhere, teachers will have more free time to complete other tasks. Since the Classroom can be accessed from a mobile device, teachers and students can participate through their phones or tablets.

5. Easy of Interaction

Built-in tools make communicating with students and parents a breeze. Teachers and students can send emails, post to the stream, send private comments on assignments, and provide feedback on work. Teachers have full control over student comments and posts. They can also communicate with parents through individual emails or through group email summaries which include class announcements and due dates.

6. Engagement

Most digital natives are comfortable with technology and will be more apt to take ownership of their learning through the use of technology. Edmodo offers numerous ways to make learning interactive and collaborative. It offers teachers the ability to differentiate assignments, include videos and web pages into lessons, and create collaborative group assignments.

7. Work Differentiation

With Edmodo, teachers are easily able to differentiate instruction for learners. Assigning lessons to his/her group, individual students, or groups of students takes just a few simple steps when creating an assignment on the Classwork page.

8. Review

In order to make learning meaningful, teachers should analyze data from assessments to ensure students are understanding learning objectives. Data from assessments can easily be exported into Sheets for sorting and analysis.

9. Comments/Feedback

Providing meaningful feedback to students is a valuable part of all learning. Within the grading tool of the group, teachers can send feedback to each student on assignments. The ability to create a comment bank for future use is also available within the grading tool. In addition, the Edmodo mobile app allows users to annotate work.

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With all these said, I believe you now have a better understanding of the Edmodo Online Learning platform. To this, you are creating a new Edmodo account under-informed knowledge. Let’s go into the discussion of how you can create a viable Edmodo account for Teachers, Students, and Parents.

How to Sign Up Edmodo For Parents

With parent account, you can supervise the performance of your child or children, whether or not they are doing well in Learning. Parents receive information from teachers of their children using the account. The requirement for creating a parent account is that you get a parent code from your child or children and you don’t need multiple accounts but you can add multiple children to your account.

  • Go to Edmodo website, click on “I’m a parent” it’s under Create your free account”.

Create New Edmodo Account

  • Select the means on which you want to register the account, either with Google or Microsoft account.

Create new edmodo.com

  • Enter your phone number.
  • Type in the email address.
  • Then, create a password, after completely filled the form, click “Create your account”.

That’s all, Your Edmodo for Parents account is now ready for use.

Edmodo Sign Up for Students

  • To Create Edmodo students account you should visit the signup page at www.edmodo.com with your browser
  • Click on Sign Up on the right corner of the page then click “I’m a Student”. Doing this will redirect you to a page that contains Edmodo Online form

Create New Edmodo Account for student

  • Navigate down and select either to sign up with your Google or Microsoft account.

Create New Edmodo Account

  • Enter your first name and last name then Provide your class or group code which you will get from your teacher.
  • Create a username for the account
  • Enter your email address, it should optional.
  • Create a password containing mixed characters of not less than eight characters.
  • After you completely filled the form, click on “Sign Up For FREE”

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Congratulations you have created Edmodo Student Account; from there you will be directed to a group created by your teacher.

How to Create Edmodo for Teachers

Edmodo Teachers after creating an account are allowed to create a group for their students. They accept a student into a group by issuing them a group access code.

  • To Create a Teacher account, visit the website at www.edmodo.com
  • Create New Edmodo Account for Teacher
  • Click on “I’m a Teacher” it’s under “Create your free account, usually the first option on the line. you can choose to Create your account Microsoft or Google account.
Edmodo sign up
Edmodo Student Account
  • Enter your email address and proceed.
  • Create a login password strong enough
  • Click “Create your account”
  • Go to your email address, verify your account, and complete the registration from there.

I hope you got the help you need on creating an Edmodo account for Parents, Students, and teachers?


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