11 Emails Accounts you can Create Without a Phone Number

Nowadays everyone needs an email account for sending and receiving important emails, and in most cases would want an Email without phone number needed. Yeah, As a digital marketer or social promoter, you need many accounts, including Facebook to keep you on the business.

For instance, Facebook where you can’t be allowed to create multiple accounts with one email. Many people find it difficult when it got to this end, fortunately, there is a good number of email you can create without a phone number.

There is a lot of email companies available that provide email addresses free which will be valid for a few minutes. They provide you with new domains and aliases with which to open an online account. What you need is to just copy the email address by clicking the Copy Button. It is usually on the email address homepage.

Not only using a disposable email address to create a social media account, creating email without phone number also help you to keep spam out your personal mail and to stay safe online. It is called temporary email and it protects your personal email address from being sold or spammed with. There are free are paid.

Email On Deck, Guerrilla Mail, TrashMail, Email Generator, GMX Mail etc. They are popular email you can create without providing a phone number, They provide you with free and paid email for you to use for your Facebook sign up and other purposes. Their system helps you to protect your account from spam. There is no Sign up required.

These are emails that will let you create an account, and skip the part about providing a phone number.

11 Email Without Phone Number Needed

So here is a list of good Webmail companies that value our privacy, and provide free email services without asking for phone numbers.

List of Email Without a Phone Number Requirement
S/NEmail NamePaidFree
1.Email On DeckYesYes
2.Guerrilla MailNoYes
5.Email GeneratorNoYes
6.GMX MailNoYes
11.One-Off EmailNoYes

1. Email On Desk

Email On Deck is one of the most secure email services available currently. If you were looking for an email account with reliable security and without a phone number needed. It is also one of the best temp email address for Social media sign up and the company ensures that your personal information is protected online. The System automatically deletes email addresses once it reaches the set period.

Features Of EmailonDeck Mail

  • The System automatically deletes email addresses once it reaches the set period.
  • It’s Bitcoin and cryptocurrency-friendly for those into the business
  • It does not take time for this email address.
  • EmailOnDeck ensures that your personal information is protected through wadding off spam.
  • Multiple language support

2. Guerrilla Mail

This is another free email you create without a phone number It has a feature that allows you to send and receive emails. You do not need to create Guerrilla Mail before you use its services. You will be signed in immediately you choose an email on the site.

Any email messages received will be uploaded on their website and you don’t need to signup to get access to it, you can even change the email username to any easy name of your choice for remembrance after you’ve copied the mail link at the browser’s bar.

3. TrashMail

TrashMail is a popular site that also offers emails services no number for use on other websites as well for receiving and sending messages. It helps you to avoid Spam, protect your online privacy, and prevent giving away your personal email address to every company website online.

The website is known for an email expiry option which allows you to select how long you want your disposable email to remain alive

4. 10minutemail

It keeps you safe from spam and ensures that your information is protected. It allows you to create a private e-mail address with which you can receive and send emails to anyone. Just as indicated on its name, the email and its address both automatically deletes in 10 minutes after use.

This email can easily be used on any mobile device, and help you avoid spam and losing your privacy. You can also use it to create an online account.

5. Email Generator

Email Generator is a temp email website that allows you to receive emails for Free on their website without registration. You can select any username for your Temporary mail provided that the domain and website are active, the email will be received & all messages are received automatically and can be read immediately.

You can use it for Sign up and when you got a message from the site, you will be notified on their site with a sound or a popup message that will appear on your screen. You will need to set and enable this feature on you the Email Generator page.

6. GMX Mail

GMX Mail is a free permanent and temp email service available via webmail as well as IMAP4 and POP3 protocols. With GMX email you can create a secured email without your phone number. GMX uses a secure SSL connection. It offers notification alerts and can also be used for verification of Netflix, Twitter, or Facebook.

7. Mail.com

Mail.com is a service that allows you to create a temporary email address. You can either select your email id from the list or generate it randomly. It is a secure temp email service that enables you to stay safe all the time.

It provides you with a random email address that can be used while registering for any websites. All emails received by Mail.com servers are displayed automatically in the online inbox, and It is completely free and anonymous.

8. ProtonMail

ProtonMail is another good temp email for use on any website and for privacy. This mail is also one of the emails that give the biggest storage space with 500Mb. If you are a light user you may not need to purchase extra MB. The Switzerland-based email also permits users to send encrypted messages to others.

To sign up for the Protonmail account go to https://protonmail.com/ and select the type of email you want to create. It has paid and free mail and ensures that your personal information is protected through wadding off spam.

9. Tutanota Email

Tutanota is an open source so security experts can verify the code that protects your emails. Nobody can decrypt or read your data. With apps for iOS and Android, your secure emails are available anytime

It can also be used if you want to bypass forums, Wi-Fi owners, websites, and blogs that ask visitors to register before they can view content, post comments, or download content. So with this Temp Mail, you can avoid what they are looking for which is your email to send spam and newsletters.

10. Yandex Mail

Yandex is a popular email and search engine in Russia. It’s email Services that you can use with no phone number verification. This email can be used to sign up Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Likee, Tiktok, etc. Yandex email is among the list of emails that offer the best security to your personal information online.

Among other features, it is available in many languages, English, French, Italian, Polish, and Irish. The mail also lets you send and receive a big file to your mail.

11. One-Off Email

One-Off Email is a website which allows you to create emails that work on social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, and many other websites. Why people use this temp mail generator website is that they have published posts that direct you on how you should make use of their services on different platforms. One-Off Email offers free and you have absolute control to the email for up to 1 hour.

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