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Facebook.com Login – Facebook is continuously tightening the loop for all the spammers and fake accounts, and so all the users who are trying to do all manners of illegal activities with their account might face trouble. There are chances that you get your Facebook.com Login banned Permanently or temporarily disabled from performing activities. Sadly, in a few cases, Facebook might not even give a warning before blocking the account

Facebook.com Login - Why Your Account is Banned
Facebook.com Login
  • On the Facebook.com Login page, one of the reasons your account may be banned is that your IP address keeps changing, or that you frequently logs in and out. Whether it is due to a switched line, device, or VPN itself, Facebook may identify frequently switched lines as having multiple accounts or fake accounts, especially new Facebook accounts. A person can only have one account, excess accounts will be blocked, and the possibility of retrieving that account is close to zero.
  • You are Adding friends or joining irrelevant groups often in a short time. This act prevents Facebook’s user experience and is considered an unfriendly account by FB. Now, FB is extremely sensitive to the frequent operation of any account. Any operation you perform must be appropriate and appropriate, such as “normal person”.
  • The registration information is incorrect, and false advertisements are posted;
  • Use your personal account to create an advertising account and serve ads.
  • Please do not continue to create new accounts, this will make Facebook think that you are deliberately opening more unreal accounts.
  • Please do not share accounts, including using multiple accounts on the same computer, and using the same account on different computers (different IP addresses)
  • The account can be used for daily social purposes, sending content, and interacting with others, thereby increasing the account’s safety factor.

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These are the behaviors you should avoid on Facebook to avoid getting blocked. Sometime you may be required to write an appeal but chances are that your appeal will not succeed. So, it’s better to do the right thing than filling forms to get your account reinstated.

Facebook.com Login – How to stop You Facebook.com from Being Banned

  • Set up two-step verification and add trusted contacts to improve account security.
  • Use fixed IP. It is understood that the IP of some routers on the market can be changed freely. The IP address is located in the country where the accessed URL server is located. The recommended solution is to rent a stable server and then build a dedicated VPN.
  • If a number on the computer is blocked, before logging into the new number next time, make sure to clear all IP tracking, MAC address, and cookie cache on the computer. It is recommended to clear the cache of all browsers. If you are still unsure, you can also replace the computer or reinstall the system.
  • Only one Facebook account can be logged in under one IP. Some friends bought a new VPN account and thought it was brand new and independent. In fact, otherwise, some VPN line IP will be sold to multiple people. If someone else illegally operates the account under this IP, and the account is blocked, the IP is actually contaminated. If your account is used under a contaminated IP, the account may be banned.
  • Enable account security verification. If it is a newly applied account, it is recommended to add three to five more familiar friends and add them as trusted contacts. At the same time, it is also recommended to add mobile phone security verification. If Facebook starts security verification, it will pass quickly. If these security verifications are not set, Facebook will directly request verification of identity information, and it is not yet known when the account will be returned.
  • Use personal Facebook for daily socializing. Facebook wants users to use personal accounts for social and business homepages, and use business accounts for advertising. For users who use their personal accounts to add too many strange friends, group and send messages to other strangers, when Facebook finds that the acceptance is low, the Facebook accounts will be banned because it will prevent the user’s experience on Facebook. From a security perspective, use Facebook for social purposes.

That’s all we have on the Fcebook.com login activities that may prompt Facebook to block your account.

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