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There is no doubt that Facebook is the most popular social media platform with millions of active users from different parts of the world. The United States of America, (USA) is among the great part of the world to spend life in. It is made up of the indigenes and people from various ethnic, religious, and racial backgrounds. One good thing about having individuals from diverse backgrounds is that it makes dating exciting because you can meet different sets of people. The Facebook dating link connects you with singles around the USA.

In recent times, Facebook Dating Groups have developed into one of the commonly used ways to discover good friends and potential lovers.

Despite the fact that one can easily go out to popular places like night clubs, restaurants, churches, shopping malls, and movie theatres to meet people, Facebook Dating Groups still remain the most popular and convenient way to meet new friends. There are many Facebook dating links for online dating, both local and international ones.

The question has always been what is the best USA dating link or group on Facebook? With this article that we have put together, you will find the link/group you have been searching for in the USA. These are the best Facebook dating groups to join in the USA. In these groups, you get to meet singles with the same purpose as you, make friends and then finally make the move towards the person you feel is right for you.

If you are new on Facebook and need to know how to find a Facebook dating group near you, we have written this article, How to find singles on Facebook to Link up with Potential Lovers to guide you.

What are the best USA Dating Link/Groups On Facebook?

How can I find a friend or lover on Facebook? To do so, you need to try the dating groups for singles below and you may be lucky to locate your perfect lover there.

1. American Friendship, Dating Singles  USA, France, UK, Australia, Canada (2.7k members)

This USA dating group on Facebook is one of the best dating groups in the USA with amazing American beauties and handsome men. It is where you will find even friends and singles from other countries. American Friendship, Dating Singles, USA, France, UK, Australia, Canada Facebook group has thousands of singles who are ready for a meet and hookup with you.

Joining this group is easy and you have to tap on the “Join” button and answer some security questions stating the reason you want to join the group. To find friends on the group, you can tap to view the list of members

2. USA Singles (1.8k members)

This is another big USA dating group on Facebook with a high number of elite singles from across the United State of America. It is where anyone can meet single ladies and young men. One great thing about this group is that the group is not only for the USA but also for other singles interested in hooking up with singles.

It has thousands of members that you can send a friend request and get connected immediately. All you need is, to be honest in your dealing with any member and always follow the rules and regulations that guide the group.

3. American Singles Dating and Friendship (554k members)

This is one of the most popular groups on Facebook for USA members. One good thing about this group is that it is not only meant for dating alone but also for friendship.

Joining American Singles Dating and Friendship group is super simple, just tap on the join button and state the reason you want to join the group, and a few hours you will be accepted. Whenever you see a member you like, You can send him or her a friend request. You can only chat with the other party if you are friends.

4. Single Mum Single Dad Group (310k members)

Single Mum Single Dad Group is among the Facebook dating groups in the USA. It is often referred to as ‘the matured mind’ simply because it comprises single mums and dads from the USA. It where you will get the widows, widowers, and divorced people in the region.

Single Mum Single Dad Group was created to be a connecting link go the single mums and dads who may be possibly looking for another single mum or dad to hook up with.

5. DATING GROUP ( American, European, African & Asian )

This group remains one of the leading dating groups on Facebook for Americans that focuses on linking singles within the country. Members find those they want to go out with for serious relationship or casual. You can easily chat with any of the members who got your attention. It has a large number of members mostly from the country.

How can I find a good USA dating group on Facebook?

Owing to the fact that some groups on Facebook are no longer used for the purpose of which it was created, it is important to learn some tips that will help you to spot real members and fake ones on any group you join. Here are some tips to make your Facebook dating and friendship safe.

  • You are advised to converse as much as you can online before you exchange personal contacts. With this, you will have time to ask the person some vital questions.
  • It has been said time without number that is often safer to meet in public places for the first time when you need a serious relationship with anyone you meet on social media. With this, you can carry out some studies of the person.
  • If the member is not the kind of person you want, you are free to unfriend the person.
  • Avoid friends who want to visit you at your place, those complaining of their exes or those who say they have never been in a serious relationship before or who keep talking about their exes.
  • Regulate who you are when chatting an unknown person on Facebook, don’t be in a haste to reveal everything about yourself.
  • Verify some of the points he made by checking his activities on Facebook and other social platforms.
  • You need to monitor the kind of person he’s made off by keeping a record of whether he’s too prompt to ask about your sexual preferences before seeing you. This could be that he wants to flirt.

That is all, we have for you now, if there are another good USA dating groups we could recommend for you, we shall include it here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Facebook Dating Available in the US?  Yes, there are lots of them available for you to join.
Where can I Find Facebook dating In the USA? You can use read this, 4 Ways to Find FB Singles Near You

Where are the USA Single Ladies on Facebook? This article has answered sufficiently part of this question.


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