Facebook friends suggestion and People you may know

Upon creating an account on Facebook, users notice that the system invites them to meet people, A window appears on the monitor screen. It contains a Facebook friends suggestion option and a “Add friend” button.

Facebook noticed that users try to find as many of their acquaintances as possible. Classmates, work colleagues, neighbours, workmates in the gym, relatives and more. As a Facebook user, you would like to add all these Facebook friends suggestion to the list of Facebook contacts. But it’s not always possible to do this on your own, so Facebook uses a “smart” system that offers users, potential friends. But how does social media do it? Let’s see how it works.

What is Facebook friends suggestion?

As a regular Facebook user, you probably noticed that Facebook regularly invites you to add some users as Friends. This is done with the help of various windows, comfortably located on the pages of the social network.

You can see them in the “Find Friends” section, on the page, as well as in the social network space reserved for you to add them to your list of friends. The People You May Know, also called “Facebook friends suggestion” section serves as an assistant in finding friends that are already your friend.

Some of the people Suggested by Facebook, in most cases are people you can really remember, some, most likely, you saw somewhere, and someone you do not know at all. It is much more convenient and faster than manually trying to find all your friends.

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If you see an unfamiliar user in the contacts suggested by Facebook, you can exclude him from possible Friends. To do this, just click on the “X” in the window of this user.

Facebook itself does not send requests to be added to the Friends list. The system only makes a suggestion of friends you may have seen or your possible acquaintances, and option to add them to your contact list is also provided. Using the Facebook friends suggestion is easy.

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How Does Facebook Make friends suggestion?

The desire of Facebook management to help users to increase their contacts at times give confusion A lot of people are worried about how Facebook makes such a suggestion. The system analyzes all your data and suggests the most likely matches.

  • Facebook uses the following information to make friend suggestion;
  • Your location, city, state and country and even your continent.
  • A list of friends you have already added, as well as friends of friends, etc .;
  • People in your places of study, work, residence specified by you;
  • Your Participation in one community, subscription to one public;
  • Connections to the specified contacts and synchronized accounts in other social networks.

Users are surprised by the fact that Facebook analyzes both the data of credit cards used for payments within the social network, and contact information from mobile phones but in fact, there is no threat to the information you submitted to the official Facebook database, but if you are not comfortable with providing your sensitive details online you can provide the least you know will be safe.

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However, you shouldn’t worry. Your data is used primarily for your convenience. Facebook simply finds your potential acquaintances, thereby helping to expand the social circle your friends to make a relevant suggestion.

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