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Using Facebook is becoming a habit for a greater portion of society. It is the largest social community in the world both for fun, relationship, and business. It hits hard when you want to use your account but you can’t access Facebook login page. I personally find it detesting and caused mood swings especially when you have something important to do with the account.

A few days ago I ran into the login problem on my account, and have to look into the issue, this I was able to see why I could not access my account at that moment.  If you have the same problem, here I will share with you how I Sign in my Facebook account.

We need to first look into reasons you can’t log into your Facebook account. This will enable you to identify the particular login problem and how to solve it and access your account. It’s funny that in some cases it’s what we take unserious that causes the login error.

You may not know that the password with which you want to login is incorrect. Facebook is security-wise and you can’t manipulate its expertise in ensuring the safety of its users.

Why Can’t Log into Your Facebook Account

There are many reasons you can be allowed to use the Facebook Login page, some of which are;

1. Error of Username

Yeah, many Facebook users do not regard Username as something that can stop them from accessing their account but it’s one of the most committed Errors. Your Username is very important when it comes to logging in to your Facebook account, it’s your special ID through which your friends will identify you, although you may see another Facebook user with slightly the same name and that’s where your password plays an important role.

Your username could be your email address or phone number. It’s one Facebook account – one email address or phone number. Error in username is mostly caused by multiple Facebook account. You are likely to mistake your username when you have more than one account. What will you do to solve this problem? Check and make sure that the username with which you want to login is correct.

2. Hacked Facebook Account

Today many complain of their account been hacked by internet fraudsters. When your account has been hacked, the username and password are no longer the same. The hacker will always change the details.  It calls for your intensified effort to recover the account. To prevent this from happening :

  • Don’t leave your Facebook account logged in on a public device
  • Don’t share your password with another person
  • Connect your account to Google authenticator
  • Avoid clicking on strange links
  • Make sure you update your password at least once a month.

You can recover a hacked account only if you can answer all the security questions that will be put on you by Facebook. You should know at least three or five of your friends. Now Facebook has made it easier, a Facebook user can now select friends who Facebook will send code to when they forget their login ID.  It’s something you should keep to yourself.

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3. The Use of a Wrong Password

Your Facebook username and password are the key things that give you access to your account. Where you omit any of the characters used to create the password you can’t be permitted access to the Facebook login page. You must have your password off-heart.

To know whether there’s a mistake in characters, try typing the password on a notepad, this is because your keyboard may have a problem and you do not know. If you mix upper case and lower case in the password type them accurately in their respective positions and the login will be successful if the password is the cause of the login problem.

4. Partial Internet Connection

You are likely to have an error on the Facebook login page if you don’t have a full internet connection on your device.  You need to check your network when you can’t log into your Facebook account. If you are not too sure the problem is from your network you can try to open another page, maybe search anything on Google, if the page fails to open then it’s a network problem.

Contact your network provider to resolve the issue. Once it’s settled try to log into the account again. This has been one of the ways I Sign in to my Facebook profile.

5. Account Deactivated by Facebook

Facebook may have deleted or banned your account for invalid activities. Facebook doesn’t hesitate to remove anyone who is found to be a threat to the social community. It doesn’t allow fake profiles. Once it suspects users’ accounts it usually Sends them a message stating the reasons for deactivating the account including a link to verify their ids, such as profile picture and email address used to create the account. Follow the guide in the message to confirm your identity.

6. Browser History, Cookies & Cache

Another reason you can’t log into your Facebook account is Browser History, Cookies or cache issue. What the users will do in this case is to clear the browser history from the device after that try to Sign in to the account again, it would be successful.

7. Another Facebook Account Already Signed in

Facebook users who can’t log in to their account may have another account logged in on the device. You have to logout such an account before you can successfully access your account on that device. You can try to switch over the account if you have once used the device to Sign in to the account.

How to Use Facebook Login Page

Now you have seen the possible reasons you can’t log into Facebook, go to m.facebook.com if you are using a mobile phone or web.facebook.com for Desktop.

Facebook Login Page


  • Enter your Username (email or phone number) in the appropriate place.
  • Enter your password then tap login

That’s it, users profiles will open taking you to meet new and old friends.

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