Facebook Marketplace Community Buy and Sell Online

Facebook Marketplace Community works like Facebook groups, giving users the ability to post advertisements for the sale of items with their location. The advantage of the service is the ability to view the personal profile of the seller of the product before purchasing.

At the Facebook marketplace community, customers can choose products without leaving the social network, Also Chatting with friends and simultaneously viewing your catalogue is easy! To choose a product, you do not need to interrupt communication, which means shopping becomes easier.

Whether you are a parent looking for baby clothes or a collector looking for a rare find, you can easily buy or sell on the Marketplace because you can see the public profiles of buyers and sellers, your mutual friends, and learn how long have they been on Facebook. More than 300 million new products are listed for sale on the Marketplace monthly, and the number continues to grow.

The marketplace is available on mobile desktop devices, the tab with products is displayed in the Facebook application, customers can view your catalogue from a mobile phone or tablet. No need to fill in the catalogue manually and Products are automatically uploaded from Ecwid to the Store tab of your Facebook business page.

Facebook Marketplace Community Buy and Sell 2020

This is how you buy in Facebook Marketplace:

  • Get in the Facebook Marketplace
  • Choose the item you desire to purchase
  • Tap “MESSAGE”
  • Send the seller a message for purchase

How to sell on Facebook Marketplace

  • Visit the Facebook Marketplace
  • Tap “Sell Something”
  • Display what you want to sell (input all the details of the merchandise)
  • Click on “POST”

That is it. with this information above, you can buy and sell your products on Facebook.

How to find Facebook Marketplace Community

Finding this marketplace is something made easy by Facebook so the user doesn’t go through the rigour of trying to find it out. To locate Marketplace Facebook, follow these steps:

  • Sign on Facebook on any device with internet access (Android, iPhone, Laptop, Desktop)
  • Click on the shop icon

The option which looks like a storefront is what launches you into the Facebook Marketplace. It is found at the top left side of your desktop page, at the bottom for IOS and at the top for Android devices.

The Facebook marketplace community is mostly in European countries and it is designed to “ search, buy and sell goods ” among users. Residents of Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the Netherlands have access to the Marketplace service this week. Prior to that, citizens of Australia, the United Kingdom, Mexico, New Zealand, the United States and Chile could use the opportunity to sell or buy any product on the Marketplace since October last year.


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