Locate Facebook Marketplace Nearby

Facebook marketplace page and the group is a place where users of the Facebook app buy and sell items on a daily basis. There are lots of goods you can buy or sell by simply sliding into your account. It’s as simple as browsing through your homepage feeds. The owner of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg has kept improving the social Media Marketplace and it has become easier and quicker for People to get any item at the comfort of their home.

The Facebook Marketplace nearby is accessible at any time and anywhere. eCommerce was recently introduced to the platform, although it’s currently available in few Countries but has been announced that the eCommerce Store feature will go-round before the last quarter of 2020.

Facebook Marketplace nearby

The Face book Marketplace is available for anyone that has a Facebook account if you don’t have the account it requires that you create a new one. You can own a Facebook account within 5 minutes just with your phone or email address. Social media being the best in the world boast of closely a billion active users.

There are many benefits of using Facebook Marketplace as a seller. One of which is that you no longer need to spend on having a physical shop, no tax as the company has taken care of the payment. What you need is to create a business page and you’ll see thousands of buyers coming to patronize you.

We shall be teaching you how to locate Facebook Marketplace nearby on your different devices like desktop, iPhone/iPad, and Android devices. We believe you already install the FaceBook app on your devices, and if you have not, you can go to your phone app store and have it downloaded.

How to find Marketplace nearby on phone

The first thing we will be discussing is how to find Marketplace Facebook for buying and selling of items. The Marketplace unlike the eCommerce Store can be accessed by anyone who has an active Facebook account within the region this feature supports. To search for where to buy or sale:

  • Visit www.facebook.com
  • Click Marketplace located at the left menu of the page. Just as mentioned above, Face book marketplace is available in about 40 countries, so if you did not find it on your menu, it means the feature is not yet in your country.
  • Once you find the marketplace you can then search through the items you want to buy. This now takes us to the next stage which is;

Placing an order on Facebook Marketplace

The only thing that distinguishes Facebook Marketplace with other eStores is that you can’t add any of the selected goods to your cart. All you need to do is to chat with the seller through message.

  • Log in and find a marketplace place
  • Select the item you want to buy
  • Click on the message tab negotiate with the seller.

Warning, don’t make any form of payment to the person you don’t know or have not seen physically to avoid fraud.

How to Find a Facebook Page or GroupĀ 

  • Login to m.facebook.com
  • Type on the search bar located on top on your homepage the name of the marketplace you know.

How to Sell your item on Facebook Marketplace

You can sell on Facebook in different ways, you may create a page or Group where you will upload the items you want to sell, or use the marketplace at the menu bar of your Facebook account. To get buyers you need to constantly update quality items and also build a good reputation that will attract customers.

  • Sign in to your Facebook account
  • Go to the Facebook menu located on the left-hand side and find a Marketplace.
  • Upload the photo of what you want to sell
  • Write a description of the item and add your contact detail
  • Add the price if you don’t want it to be negotiable
  • Click on publish

That’s is it all, on how to sell on Face book Marketplace

There are also other ways that you can find a marketplace on Facebook.

  • By finding Facebook Groups that sale or buy items
  • By finding a Page specifically designed for the business of selling and buying of goods.
  • By spotting Facebook sponsored posts purposefully for selling or buying
  • You can also get the item you want through your trusted friends, that’s if the Facebook marketplace is not available in your country.

Note, that there are rules and regulations guiding the Facebook marketplace. To avoid being banned from doing business on Facebook, make sure you read and obey the rules.

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